Panacea's Passage

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Panacea's Passage
Captain Lirin Dumont-Fist
Class C314 Skyhook
Command Crew

Dr. Lirin Dumont-Fist

Security Crew

Iliana Calira Dumont - Chief of Security
*Panacea's Passage Security & Dark Dragon Security teams

Medical Crew

Dr. Lirin Dumont-Fist and Dr. Roberto Chin


Magnus Joakim Hansen - Lead Pilot

Military Service
  • No military service records for this ship listed.
Ownership History

Lirin Dumont-Fist


The Panacea's Passage is a medical ship that is berthed upon Paquin, it is the chief medical ship for Dumont Medical Services. As of the Fall of 2526 Dr. Roberto Chin joins the private practice of Dr. Lirin Dumont-Fist/Dumont Medical Services and makes his expertise available to the current patient clientele. In December of 2526 DMS retained the legal counsel of Attorney Carmen Shamaria to address the day to day legal matters that come with running a medical business of this size.



          The C314 Skyhook before you looks to be fresh from a refit, not the newest of craft but it has seen a lot of good work recently. She stands 18 feet tall, 45 feet long and has a wingspan of 25 feet. She looks to have been slightly modified from the standards and is a bit more streamlined then most, likely to allow smoother atmospheric work. The ship is clearly of high quality and well maintained, looking to be well loved by her crew. Across the nose and the wings as well as the tail section of the ship you can see a red cross with the staff of Asclepius (single snake around a staff), denoting the vessel as a medical ship. The name 'Panacea's Passage' is emblazoned along the side.


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