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Full name
  • Pali Punka Tshilaba
    • Name means: Small Stone Seeker of Truth
  • Nickname of: n/a
Date of Birth December, 24 2508
  • Besnik Tshilaba (Father)
  • Violca Noravasi-Tshilaba (Mother)
Assignment Maintenance
Specialization Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green / black
Height and Weight 5ft 4in / 137 pounds
Status Deceased
Education Information

Educated on various Vardos and on Paquin by family

Employment History

I've tried my best to settle down but still the wheels keep rolling round not the wheels around my van its hard for you to understand.

i mean the wheels inside my heart i sit to long i feel them start they take me were no gadjes go, a place that they will never know.

a crafty wink a cheeky nod a hedgehog and a fishing rod the wheels i have were past to me from son to son a family tree.

and from theses wheels i cannot part these wheels are fixed inside my heart and when at last my time has gone them wheels inside me carry's on...'

The begining

I was born upon a Vardos on Paquin on christmas eve of 2508. My mother and father working on the ship that we called home, My mother a small time pilot and my father working fixing things as they broke or became worse for wear. My childhood was one like many, I was taught the ways of my people the Roma and taught of the Gadje and how they should never be fully trusted. The history my father used to say repeats itself and many times through history had the Gadje proven they would not change, their hearts and souls always becoming mahrime.

But I also knew of things beyond such lessons that would be proven true later in life, I did as many. I played and acted the child and shadowed my parents upon the ship. Always watching and asking questions when not playing with the other children in anyplace we could find where the adults would not find us in their way to much. Perfecting certain aspects that many would think to be bad though for us, it was simply life.

And so things went on, I began to spend more and more time on the bridge with my mom and stopped playing so much with the other children, As well as spent time with my father in the engineering compartment taking to staying within the small confines since few others wanted to spend much time with the loud machines and the constant traffic. It all went well until just after my 14th birthday...

The tragedy

It was the cusp of the New Year in 2522 when it happened, My world would be turned upside down and all guises of being a child dismissed and thrown to the wind. My change from a boy into a young man given without choice by those who came. We do not know why they did what they did, Only that it was quick and it was frightening.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, Sleeping in the Engineering bay. One of those few moments where things seemed to be all at peace and if nothing was wrong in the verse. But in hindsight it was simply the quiet before the storm, That silence that falls over a place before terror strikes. I was awoken by first the sound of metal on metal, that terrible sound that makes the ears near bleed. And then the alarms and buzzers and lights began to go off, A ominous warning for what was to come.

They attacked us quickly, while we were in transit heading back to Paquin after visiting one of the distant tribes of my people. I remember the fear, The smell of machinery overworking and then failing and the smoke that began to form like some great curtain within the ship. Next thing I knew my father was forcing me into a shuttle with the children, Giving me his word that he would come and find me but to leave. Assuring me that I knew enough to fly the small craft to safety and away from the fight.

And being a child still and a fool for the words of my father I believed him. I took to the front of the shuttle and launched from the ship quickly heading to the closest place that could provide safety. A planet not far off from where we had been attacked but one that was not on the beaten path for many. We had just began to enter the planet's Atmosphere when the explosion happened, The ship carrying my childhood and innocence and my mother and father exploding from something. What caused it I may never know, But that moment still haunts me. Forced to grow old in under 10 minutes, But I did atleast manage to make it planetside mostly safetly. I will not lie, my first solo-trip I did not have the most graceful of landings, It was not like the dancing you would find at the Great Carnival. The pessimist may view it as crashing, But I view it as landing in a unusual and adventerous fashion.

After the Crash

We were there for a few days, Maybe even a week or two wandering around in the wilderness before we finally found other people. They were Gadje which made me fear them but they showed us kindness. They helped to get us to the shuttles and even paid for us to return back to Paquin. The duty of bringing news about my parents left to me as the oldest of those that made it out of the ship.

And so I returned, Back to the planet of my birth and to the one place my people mostly have to call their own. I did not give the news straight away though. Opting instead to go into the mountains ignoring what wounds I held to seek out peace through solitude. To give a chance to grieve and see what kismet had in store for me.

They said I came down after 4 days of silence and being hidden, but for all I knew it could have been weeks. Time dragging on as it did and my body weary from all that had transpired. I took only enough time to grab a piece of bread and some cheese eating it quickly before going to the leadership clan of the Roma and telling them what had happened.

Normally for such a tragedy and being left without parent's I would have simply been raised by the other roma. But my blood and the ties it held put me on a diffrent path. Raised by the leadership clan until only recently due to my uncle being the Rom Baro, though most Gadje simply call him Prince of the Rom or Chovian.

Now it is here I find myself, in the here and now. Leaving my people to explore the world of the Gadje, Who knows what awaits me. But maybe just maybe I will find some truth out there to why my parents and all those other of my family on that ship had to die. And maybe I will find some better understanding of the Gadje.



  • Baxtalo Chor
    • Captain
      • Feb.25th.2526- Current
  • Quick Draw Outfitters
    • Authorized Dealer
      • May.7.2526 - Current
  • MWC
    • Medical Equipment Tech/Independent Contractor
      • Feb.8.2526-Current
  • Romany Ambassador to the Commonwealth
    • Feb.8.2526-Apr.8.2526
  • Guan-Yin II
    • Engineer
      • Jan.2.2526-Mar.09.2526
  • Self Employed


  • Learn to fly Capital class Ships:
    • Completed
  • Learn some about medicine to better help my people:
    • In Progress
  • Learn first aid:
    • In Progress
  • Learn about the Gadje way of life:
    • In Progress (Probally always will be in progress)
  • Find out who killed his Parents:
    • In Progress
  • Expand my knowledge of Mechanics and Engineering:
    • In Progress
  • Find a balance between his ways and the Gadje ways:
    • In Progress
  • Find peace so he may sleep restfully:
    • In Progress
  • Make his family proud:
    • In Progress
  • Explore all paths of the Roma:
    • In progress
  • Make something lasting for his people:
    • In Progress
  • Realize and achieve his full potential:
    • In Progress


  • Good music
  • Working on machinery
  • Flying in the black
  • Spending time with the Roma
  • Spending time with friends
  • Making a few extra credits
  • Women
  • Cigarettes
  • Good Wine
  • Working on artwork
  • Working with wood
  • Meeting new people
  • Learning new things
  • Bathing in a stream
  • Cooking
  • Using his skills to make others smile or laugh.
  • Commonwealth: At one point he disliked this bunch, But a few cuddles and some cake in the face later and he is finding their company more and more enjoyable


  • When he overcooks something, ruining food
  • Bad Men or Women
  • Violence
  • Lockdowns

Where Pacifism Fails

  • When gajo attack roma
  • When men act violently towards women
  • When people try to hurt family
  • When people try to hurt crew
  • When people continually call him traitor


In this day and age surely stranger things have come into existance, But not always directly infront of yourself. But just is the case today, Those stranger things seeming to come in the form of the man before you. His height not really all that imposing as he only stands to be 5 foot and just a hair over 4 inches in height. The man seeming to hold to the old idiom of the body being a temple, and his /temple/ apparently well tended to lending him a certain athletic muscular structure. His weight not all that grand but not exactly the smallest either weighing in at between 130 and 140 pounds from what can be glimpsed given his current dress.

His hair of black shoulder length while the sides remain shaved down close to the scalp, just the faintest stubble left against the flesh of his skull. The hair currently kept back and away from his face with the use of a light blue and black scarf, The scarf's ends moving down along his back with the dark curls of his hair. His facial features beneath holding a certain subtle beauty to them, his skin holding a faint olive complexion with the finely sculpted features common amongst many of the rom. Looking out at the verse and all its wonders and mystery are intelligent eyes of Green, a certain wariness held in the depths of his gaze though also a certain curiosity. His jawline is well defined and holds a faint stubble to it showing that he hadn't shaved in a few days, The black hair moving from his flesh to give his features a faint shadow. Beneath his soft full lips is a small strip of facial hair moving down across his chin before ending.

His clothing is simple yet functional for the present, if not holding a slight look for those who knew no better of someone who dove into their closet and returned wearing what ever had been found first. His shirt made of softer cottons and holding a just off white color, the sleeves rolled up to just beneath his elbow's. Over the button up shirt a vest is worn in darker blue colour, the vest itself left unbuttoned. Across his waist two belts are crossed, though no weapons seem present. The belt's holding several pouches with various items in them ranging from bolts to wiring causing a every so often a faint jingle to sound out with his movements. His pants simple and black moving down to rest against a pair of off white boot's, the laces of the right that same dark blue while the left is using laces of black.


  • Inside of right forearm: The man's right forearm holds the compass star the outline done in a dark green while the inside is done in a bright blue colour. The star only about 3 inches in size, set just beneath it in dark green the words "O Lungo Drom" Moved across the flesh. A grey shade used to give depth to the lettering causing it to look etched into his flesh.
  • Inside of right calf The chinese symbol for Engineer in dark blue
  • Inside of left wrist:' Across the inside of the man's wrist is a depiction of a wild flower, small briar thorns looking to move into the man's flesh as crimson ink is used to depict a small droplet of blood. Within the blooming wildflower a single word is placed there in blue, Luludja. The word written in an artful script.

Medical History

  • Jan.31.2526: Recieved a wound through his right butt cheek and down through the first 1/3 of the back of his right thigh from a 9mm Slug. Official report states it was recieved during duties the course of his work aboard the Guan-Yinn. Unofficially the man knows next to nothing about firearms and didnt realize when he slipped it in the back of his pants along the small of his back that there was such a thing as a safety on it. Or that it was even still loaded, Accidental discharge of weapon.

  • Feb.11.2526: Injured during the attack on Paquin by the Commonwealth, Took three pieces of debris in his left side and one in his left thigh. Worked while still injured for another day and a half before being treated by Commonwealth Doctors at New Tortuga

  • Apr.7.2526: Obtains severe lacerations to the back from a unknown source.


  • A black PDA, Brand New since the last one had a accident
  • Velites Suit
  • His pouch laden belts
  • A rather odd wrench, that just so happens to have a switch on it
  • Wilk's Portable Torch
  • Tattoo Gun
  • 2 Throwing Knifes
  • Lightfoot 42
  • Katana

IC Timeline

  • Jan.3.2526: Joined the Guan-Yin II as a Engineer under a probationary status
  • Jan.17.2526: Introduced to the crew of the Jia and nearly pulls a torch on their engineer due to misunderstanding.
  • Jan.17.2526: Does a garter styled tattoo for Terra on Osiris
  • Jan.31.2526: Walks into an attack on a woman in the Crows Cage on Paquin, Man flee's and brings woman back to the Guan for treatment
  • Jan.31.2526: Injured from a accidental discharge of a firearm aboard the Guan-Yinn
  • Feb.1.2526: Goes on Leave to assist with insuring the protection of his family due to recent events on Paquin.
  • Feb.3.2526: Begins to oversee and be the main engineer for Project on Paquin
  • Feb.7.2526: Meets Chastian while playing in the space port, Shortly after has run in with the Commonwealth and managed to not come away injured. Curiosity arises and many questions
  • Feb.8.2526: Meets with Poppa Esteban and speaks on recent activity on Paquin and other matters, Tasked with going to the Commonwealth as an Ambassador on behalf of the Roma
  • Feb.10.2526: Attempts to trade his life in exchange for life of all Roma and cease to all hostilities on Paquin in lieu of life of Chovian, Refused by Frost and actually given a compliment by the Pirate King via Wave.
  • Feb.12.2526: Contacts Frost and travels to meet with Commonwealth leadership at their home.
  • Feb.14.2526: Begins officially dating Chastian as her boyfriend
  • Mar.1.2526 : Finds out that he is going to be a father to chastian's child, Asks her to marry him and is now Engaged to her.
  • Apr.8.2526 : Exiled from the Romany Nation.
  • May.7.2526 : Goes into business with Corin Anders as an Authorized dealer of Quick Draw Outfitters weapons,armor and other general goods.


Person Relationship Description
Chastian Fiance Pali met Chastian by sheer chance on Paquin the night the Pirates decended looking for his uncle Chovian, After a brief encounter with Roberto the two traveled to Newhall and spent a few days simply talking. He quickly found that their lives shared many similarities. He quickly began to become enamored with the young thief and one thing led to another and they began to date. Maybe quickly for things to move in some folks eyes but he is now engaged to the woman and is going to be the father to her child.
Elizabeth Boss, friend Pali met Elizabeth at the Crow's cage and the two shared a cup of tea as well as similar idea's about the 'verse and things at work within it. With the assistance of Elizabeth he has become one of the youngest captains in the 'verse if not the youngest at the age of 18.
Aisha Secretary at times, Friendish Pali won't really tell anyone where he met this young woman, but one thing that is known as that when seen together he holds a certain respect for her even though she has taken up in the eyes of many within certain circles as his secretary and aide to his duties as an Ambassador.
Beau Fly-guy, friend Pali met Beau the first time on Paquin though due to the Purple armour that frost uses to either strike fear into the hearts of fashion critics or to piss off the alliance. They met again more formally on Hera when Pali went to meet with Roberto about trying to negotiate for peace between the Roma and the Commonwealth. Since then he has spent some time with the man and has grown to respect him greatly. Though to most Pali may not openly admit it he consideres Beau a damn fine guy and a friend.
Trahaym Friend, Pretty cool fucking guy Pali and Tray met his first visit to New Tortuga shortly after Pali's wounds from the Paquin bombing were tended to by Commonwealth doctors. He had dinner with him to be joined by Charly and Chastian, Since then he has grown to respect and enjoy this man's company.
Frost Aquantance There is respect as well as fear in regards to the Purple People Eater that is frost, Though Pali does tend to enjoy some of his talks with the Admiral and hopes for further conversations and fostering a peace with the man.
Terra friend
Charly friend coming soon


Places he can be Found