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Paintball Tournaments

What is Paintball? Exactly what you'd expect. Running around with a gun that shoots little balls filled with paint that go splat! It's also great firearms training and group maneuvers and tactics practice too!

It can be played out in a few formats. 1-on-1 with a pyramid elimination, single match team games or pyramid elimination team games. All with the same basic general principle, hit the opponents while avoiding being hit yourself.

Note: Thank you to River for her assistance in fine tuning the OOC Rules for these matches.

IC Rules

A combat field is setup with crates, boxes or other forms of barriers, obstacles and cover or natural cover is used. Opposing players start at opposite ends of the field and work to eliminate all opposing players and be one of the last standing.

  1. No punching, kicking, tackling, etc.. the only attacks are shots from your paintgun.
  2. Armor is acceptable. It WILL get covered in paint, you have been warned.
  3. No Other Weapons. The only weapons to be used are paintguns.
  4. If you are hit, you're out for the round. Stand aside, watch the fun, cheer and wait for the next round.

OOC Rules

Order Of Actions: A simple +chance roll is used to determine the order of actions, basically the pose order, for the round. The highest roll goes first and they continue in descending order, with some slight modifications. First of all Lightning Reflexes allows a player to go first. Among multiple players with lightning reflexes the +chance roll determines which of these players act first. A player with lightning reflexes can draw and fire a weapon in the same combat action. Doing so will have them acting as if them acting at the same time as players without the feat. Also, a character with Ambidexterity can wield two paintball pistols allowing them two shots at a time. These character may make two +chance rolls but only when using two seperate pistols. If they are using only one pistol or a rifle they still only get one attack at a time.

In The Open: A player is in the open when not using cover, either actively or passively.

Passive Cover: A player may use cover in order to be more difficult to hit. Passive cover requires no rolls, it is basically just ducking down near a crate, box, felled tree, etc...

Active Cover: A player can actively attempt to maximize the effectiveness of their cover. Trying to keep out of line of sight by shifting around the crate, box, etc or ducking under it or anything else that is basically actively trying to hide from view. To do this roll +taskroll hide at 50. If this succeeds you have gained Active Cover. If it fails you are considered In The Open and have probably tripped or otherwise put yourself in more direct line of attack.

Hitting An Opponent: To hit an opponent you simply roll +attack/nodamage NAME at DIFF. However, DIFF must be determined by the following rules:

  • Attacker is Stationary
    • Opponent is In The Open: DIFF is 30
    • Opponent has Passive Cover: DIFF is 45
    • Opponent has Active Cover: DIFF is 55
  • Attacker is in Motion (Running, Jumping, Diving, Rolling, etc)
    • Opponent is In The Open: DIFF is 45
    • Opponent has Passive Cover: DIFF is 55
    • Opponent has Active Cover: DIFF is 65

Determining The Winner

A Round is won when all opposing players have been eliminated, scoring 1 point for the winner. In 1-on-1 each successful hit is effectively a round and thus a point for the player.

A Match is won by the team to score 10 points.

For Pyramid Elimination tournaments, the winner of a match progresses and next faces the winner of one of the other matches. This continues until a single winner remains.