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Packard Thomas
Packard Thomas
Family Crest
Family Crest
Full Name: Packard Thomas
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Date of Birth: 2490
Place of Birth: Londinium
Rank: Staff Lieutenant
Position: Intelligence Officer
Marital Status: Widower to Countess Magaret Thomas
Affiliation: Alliance Ground Forces
Staff Lieutenant Packard Thomas is the Intelligence Officer 63rd Federals
He is also an Earl-Commander by Noble title.


     An ageless human male of apparent noble descent. He is of average height and has a lanky whip-strong build. His facial features are rounded and boyish. His pale skin has ruddy pink highlights, and his full lips are usually in a friendly smile or knowing smirk. The blond hair on his head has pale highlights and is cropped into a thin swath that is slicked front to back. His deep green eyes seem to be pools of emotion, expressing his feelings in lieu of the rest of his face. His movements impart a sense of raw energy and nimble grace.

     Currently the man wears a standard Alliance Uniform. Dark and light grays, with a lightly purplish tint. The top is a dark gray jacket with a Mandarin collar (worn up, presently), and extends down his belt. Silvered buttons run down the front of the jacket, from neck to waist, each one having a small Alliance symbol emblazoned upon them. On the left breast of the uniform over the unused pocket, rest his numerous military decorations and awards, four rows of three. On each shoulder epaulets, he wears the silver insignia of [=XX=], representing his rank to be First Lieutenant. The belt about his waist is a bit wider then your average belt and is a bit on the shiny side, colored a dark gray, almost black. The pants are a lighter gray in color, creased so sharply, you could almost shave with them, with semi-thick, light violet blood stripes running down the legs on the outside. The gray trousers extend down, the hem stopping neatly, just barely breaking on the front of mirror-polished black shoes. Hanging from the belt on the right side of the body is a holster made out of a black nylonlike material. Upon his head, there neatly sits a hat which matches the uniform in dark gray. The hat has a flat top to it, but isn't very high. The top is wider then where it meets with his head. There's a short, shiny, black brim which extends out from the hat.


     Packard was born the only child into a highly placed noble family of military industrialists. Packard had all the blessings of station and riches. His father was Earl Thomas Thomas of Deptford, closely allied to many Parlimentary families, and his mother was a legendary beauty. His mother was as cold and distant as she was beautful. Her only joy in life was her son. She encoraged his interests. He was a nimbly dexterous child who excelled at fencing and small arms. At the tender age of eleven Lady Deptford pressured her husband into using his influence to enroll Packard into an Alliance Prepatory Academy. When he was of age he entered the Academy. His father made a sizeable donation to the instution and it's dock facilities took on the Deptford family name. During this time Packard's parents were assasinated for their political and religious attachments and he inherited the family title and lands. He was shocked and wanted immediate revenge. The sage advice of his Uncles and Cousins calmed the fire in him. They advised him to bide his time and fight back indirectly. He grew into a nimble athletic young man with a strong sense of right and wrong. After graduating from the Alliance Military Academy Packard chose his older New Oxford Graduated cousin to stand as his proxy and pursued his career in the Military. His early promotions came fast due to his political connections. He was assigned to the Special Alliance Support Unit. He served as a boarding officer in many engagements. His nimble Dexterity enabled him to practically dance in the face of death. He returned home as often as he could, always in time for a ball or formal dinner. He enjoyed regaling the rest of the 'peerage' with tales of bravery and exploration. He WORKED his way to Assistant Operations NCO before was he 23, a fact he is enormously proud of, he enjoyed the idea that he had achieved through excellence what others achieved through patience. He liked being better than his peers.Packard Didn't have to wait long before he was given an elite assignment of his own. He was the he was the Intel Officer of the Core Sector. The Admiralty finally took notice of him. They decided having an Earl out in the regular fleet was counter productive. He was stationed IAV Mao Zedong and given the Rank of Earl Commander in the peerage and Master Chief in the Navy. He was told through unofficial channels that he was to use his influence to guard the interests of the Admiralty. Packard now spends his time trying to fit into a Society that he defended from afar. He yearned to find a wife or a mistress. He finally found one in Lady Magaret Collins. He married her in a private ceremony in her families' manor chapel and made her the 23rd Countess of Deptford. He finnaly found someone to 'grow old with'. He wants to be accepted in Society but finds himself rough edged and in need of coaching. He transferred to combat arms as the platoon sergeant of Fox Platoon in the 63rd Federals. He has recently transferred back into the SAS. He has recently been promoted to First Lieutenant and made a Training Officer. He has the additional duty of Entry Alpha: Team Leader. In the end of November 2523 his wife Margaret bore him a daughter, Viscountess Anne Marie Thomas. On a trip to the Thomas ancestral home in New Caledonia Countess Thomas died in a tragic accident, leaving Packard a single father and widower. In December of 2523 he was Promoted to Staff Lieutenant. He has transferred back into the 63rd Federals as the Intelligence Officer.


  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Good Conduct Ribbon
  • Fleet Commendation Medal
  • Boarding Action Ribbons

Vessels served on

  • IAV Endurance
  • IAV Essex
  • IAV Ho Me En Tahp
  • Starbase 521
  • IAV Mao Zedong
  • IAV Temperance

Units served in

Fox Platoon, 63rd Federals Dragon Squadron, 35 SAS 63rd Federals

Positions held

  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Diplomatic Security Officer
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Training Officer
  • Entry Alpha: Team Leader
  • Intelligence Officer


Life is like a battle. It involves alot of things operating in sync for everything to go smoothly. Something small that is out place at the wrong moment can disrupt the whole process. War is like life but you have opponent trying to knock things out of sync on purpose while you are trying to kill them. Life in the military is the best destiny anyone can hope for. Life in a well run unit is joy. Life in a well run unit that you are responsible for is glorious.