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Owen Sabo


Full name
  • Owen Hendricks Sabo
Date of Birth
  • 11/Apr/2508
  • Father: Melanie Field
  • Mother: Hendrick Sabo
  • None!
  • None!
  • DAS CSI Constable
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Dark Blonde, Hazel Eyes
Education Information

Interpol Academy, Boros

Military Service



Born on Boros to Melanie Field out of wedlock, Owen Sabo never knew his dad well but his mom was a hard working stripper turned waitress. She never married and Owen was left the only, slightly unwanted child. His dad Hendrick Sabo was as good as any father could be when married to another woman.

As Owen grew up he wasn't rich and they weren't well provided for but he had enough to eat and clothing on his back. Since he was young Owen has always had a bit of an attitude, causing his mother to be unable to handle the boy for brief month or two long periods. So off Owen was sent to live with his half brothers and their mother, who was thankfully willing to take a stray in. This at least provided Owen with opportunities to get to know his brothers.

As he reached his teenage years brief bouts with drugs (speed mostly), selling and addictions lead to assault charges but thankfully no criminal record as it was throw out of court, partially thanks to his father and the other man's history with the law. Owen's mother however didn't have any wish to deal with the boy after that and shipped him off the Hendrick who encourage the young man to join the alliance like himself and his older brother Dan, giving him tales of being well taken care of and future security.

So like his half brother and father Owen joined the alliance, first as a pilot at the age of 18. He soon found he was never going to be that great at it and switched gears to work as a cop after his alliance academy training. Moving up to work on the drug task force rather quickly, Owen got sick of it fast and join the Field Officers/CSI after proving he had some skills in it. He's still just a constable being 24 and still learning the ropes.


A young looking man of Scandinavian looking decent though darker in coloring. Hazel eyes are set below slender eyebrows and above a greek nose and fuller lips. He has well defined cheek bones and a rounded chin on a longer face. A faint scar runs under his left eye, though noticeable, and dimples can be seen when he smiles. A coif of dark blonde hair is normally carefully messed just right atop his head.

His normal outfit consists of a blue, v-neck, long sleeve shirt and black dress pants. His boots are not to fancy you couldn't do real work in them but are kept in high gloss condition. No tattoos or piercing, he tries to not stand out from the crowd when not necessary.


Owen is family focus when it comes to his siblings, half all of them. His own mother and father though he could take or leave. A general nice fellow he tries to portray, though his mouth works faster then his brain and he tends to same awkward truths without fully processing them.


  • Owen is the younger Sabo fed, maybe may have met his big half brother Dan.

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