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Oscar-new 01.png
Full name Oscar Marks Peterson
Date of Birth July 07, 2509
Birthplace Paquin
Parents Doug and Anna Peterson
Siblings Oscar (deceased), Tom (37), Alice (35), Peta (33), Michael (31), Jean & Toby (29, Twins)
Spouse Elliot, Partner
Assignment Ethereal Embrace, XO/ Trainee Pilot
Specialization Parkour/Martial arts (cháng quán tángláng)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair (R) Blue, (L) Green, Light Brown.
Height and Weight 5'10", 150lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Questionable
Military Service
  • None.
Personal Notes

Age: 24



This young man stands at an average height, though perhaps shorter than some, his build lean and athletic a blend of gymnast and runner. His facial features are youthful yet masculine suggesting he is possibly in his late teens, perhaps confirmed in part by a scraggly 'teenage' goatee. His scruffy hair is light brown, about chin length and somewhat unkempt as though in a semi-permanent state of "bed head" though it does look like it's been washed and combed a bit. He is currently wearing it with the front, top and sides pulled back into a 'horse' tail at the back of his head. His eyes, a genetic quirk, are mismatched - one blue the other green.

He is half dressed, his very trim and firm physique, every tight muscle of his lean athletic upper body on show, including a subtle accent in the form of a piercing in his navel. All he has on is a Kilt, but it's not your run of the mill tartan kilt. For a start is isn't tartan, instead it's a dark Charcoal - almost black - and made of cotton twill. The other detail distinguishing it from a 'traditional' kilt is the fact it has pockets, much like a pair of cargo shorts - two on the back and one on each side being the most obvious. Around his waist, just to make sure the kilt stays up, and perhaps for a touch of personal flair - as it has belt loops, he has a wide black leather belt with three rows of flat pyramid style studs and an antique brass wallet chain hangs at his left hip.

His feet are bare and around his right ankle he has a set of what would appear to be military dog-tags.

Distinguishing Marks & Features

  • Oscar has complete Heterochromia. His right eye is Blue and the left is Green
  • Oscar has a tattoo of a blue and copper coloured Koi on his right hip which goes unseen by most.
  • Oscar has a pierced tongue, navel and possibly others.
  • Oscar has a number of long scars on his torso, possibly from a knife or sword.


Oscar is generally relaxed and easy going. He'll talk to anyone and doesn't seem to hide much of anything about himself.

This seems to include his body, he doesn't seem to be the least bit modest. On top of this he doesn't appear to mind close personal contact.

Random information

Oscar is Sly, but he's not effeminate. He does at times wear rainbow accessories but he otherwise acts straight.

Oscar apparently purrs in his sleep.

Areas of Skill

Early on, the only skill Oscar had really displayed of any note is in the 'discipline' of Parkour, though he's also seemed reasonably good at Acrobatics and Martial arts.

Oscar was the youngest competitor in a Martial Arts tournament, held on Jiangyin and hosted by the Phoenix Brotherhood. (2527-2528) Most of the other competitors were almost twice his age and although he was knocked out in the first round, he almost held his own suggesting he is probably quite good. During his bout he displayed knowledge of Cháng Quán Tángláng (Long Fist Praying Mantis) and Bāguàzhǎng. (Players note: For those wondering, or wanting more reference - Bāguàzhǎng was the style used as the basis for Aang's style in Avatar: The last Airbender.)

He commonly carries a Katana and a Recurve Bow, so it would be safe to assume he also knows how to use them.

He has also been seen practicing a tai-chi like style with a fan in one hand, and using a fan in combat occasionally, which has lead to at least one person giving him the 'nickname' Fandancer.

Recent Occurances

Oscar is currently partnered to the Captain of the San Pablo though they haven't made any formal announcements.

Oscar and his Partner have mentioned a desire to take up residence on Newhall but this isn't common knowledge yet.

2533: Has been seen in the company of Aubrey and others from the Fabulous Caretaker, and other ships, on Whitefall...

Has been actively involved in several 'skirmishes' on Haven in recent months including at least one rescue mission to get Aubrey back from 'kidnappers'.
May have been involved in a second rescue mission, again on Haven

Weapon Collection


- This P220 has been significantly altered and updated. It features a a short-recoil operated, breech locked semi-automatic pistol with it's stainless frame anodized matte, non reflective black. The slide grips and accents have been tempered to the same flat finish and the buttons, fittings and trigger are soft black that meld with the black frame. Despite the P220 logo impressed in the textured rubber grips, this weapon carries the later high capacity double column magazine that was featured in the short-lived P221 model.

A log stamped onto the frame near the textured pebbly Lightning Grip system reads 'Ricochet Arms Certified'. The receiver and barrel have all been replaced with high tensile composite materials for durable use, the receiver altered to accept causeless ammunition. A flat plane Holosight - another R.A. exclusive, lets the weapon ride flat in a quick draw holster and pop into view as the weapon is drawn. The Earthquake recoil reduction system uses carbon composite baffling to reduce the recoil of the entire frame. The barrel has been threaded to accept a sound suppressor.

- Oscar's has been customised the obvious changes being:

  • Lightning Grip (™) System
  • Flat Plane Holosight
  • Silencer/Suppressor

Projectile (Ranged)

- A weapon almost as old as human civilisation, the recurve bow is one of a number of designs, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The recurve bow is characterised by the tips curving away from the wielder, with the string lying against the limbs of the bow at each end. This gives it a greater energy storage capacity and a harder punch in a shorter, more practical bow. There can be various devices added to more modern bows, but the basic recurve bow is just a curved length of wood (or a composite of several woods) with a sturdy string.


- This katana is a work of art, crafted in much the same way for over a thousand years. The slight curvature of the blade and steel alloys folded many times over make it both light and powerful, as well as sharp enough to cut through armour, flesh, and bone.

Wish List


  • Wide Awake - Lacuna Coil
  • Fugue - Yngwie J. Malmsteen
  • Teenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)
  • Raise Your Glass - P!nk (party mode theme)
  • Teaser - Yngwie J Malmsteen