Orrin Qin'long

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Orrin Qin'long
Full name Orrin Qin'long
Gender Male
Status Inactive

Known History

Orrin is the sort of fellow that should, by rights, have never left the Core worlds. He's the son of a wealthy grain farmer, a very successful and hardworking man, painfully honest. His mother is a nice enough woman, devoted to her family. Orrin grew up going to all the best schools available to those not of the nobility. He showed a flair for business, and it was assumed by all that he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a grain dealer.

Things change, however. When he was seventeen, he convinced his father to send him out on a trip to the Rim. The convoy heading out there was supposed to pick up a quick load of grain and return to Capitol City. His reasoning was that he needed to meet his sellers face-to-face, and should get a feel for how the people who supplied his company were faring. It was a logical enough argument and his father conceded the point. But things out on the Rim were not good in those days - the early stages of unrest, which were to lead to the War of Unification, had just begun and Orrin arrived on a small moon in time to see three farmers executed for smuggling cattle. It shattered his entire outlook on the Alliance, and Orrin was forced to ask himself some hard questions. Instead of returning to Osiris with his shipment, he jumped ship on Shadow.

While on Shadow, he joined one of the first official Independent movements, which later turned into one of the first official Independent regiments of infantry, the 31st Mobile Infantry. The 31st was acclaimed for 'being in the right place at the wrong time' for most of the war, picking the worst moments to join a number of brutal, and lost, battles. They had the very good fortune of being on deployment during the bombardment of Shadow, but that planet's massacre is something that weighs heavily on many individuals on both sides of the conflict, Orrin included. But, of course, the war ended and Independent veterans like Orrin didn't have much to do.

He could return home, but he didn't. It's hard to keep track of all the jobs he's had in the years since the cease-fire, but they certainly haven't all been legal. He hasn't stayed on one planet for over a few months, never managing to hold down a job and completely unable to get a grasp of how to be a proper freelancer. Fortunately for him, this stopped being an issue recently, when he took the Pledge from Captain Kennedy Sinclair of the Devil's Corsair, and joined Admiral Frost's fleet of Pirates, assigned to the Arctic Raider.