Olivia Piper

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Full name Olivia Michella Piper, Olivia Michella Eyvindrwif
Date of Birth April 1st 2497
Parents Brian Piper and Sandra Holmes
Siblings None
Spouse Eyvindr Bjarnarsun


Children Gawain Piper Eyvindrsun(Son), Freyja Morgaine Eyvindrdottir (Daughter)


Assignment Retired Owner and Hospital Administrator of The Guan Yin
Specialization General Medical Doctor, Psycology, Priestess
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Dark Brown, Gold Highlights
Height and Weight 5'0"/ 95lbs
Status Retired
Education Information

Bernadette Medical School

Employment History

Guan-Yin, Guan-Yin II


Piper has a rather dark complection, though not enough to be considered any one nationality. Her skin tone though brown has some red and golden hints. She stands about 5' tall if not shorter, and looks maybe to only weigh a 100lbs soaking wet. She has long dark hair, it has curls though not the tight corkscrew kinky curls you see with most of those who have her appearance. Her eyes are dark brown, with little flecks of gold around the iris, and her lips are a slightly bronze color.

Personality and Demeanor

Olivia is a pacifist to start with, she does know self defence but will only use it as a last resort to anything. By nature she's inquisitive and often rambles about Earth That Was History, along with medical references and obscure lore. She calls herself a Yaga (a respected woman in russian lore who practices the mystic arts known as magic) though she claims not to be able to do magic, but interviene with the spirits and gods for requests. Her faith is strong, and she primarly worships The Primal mother, commonly known as Gaia, Freya, Danu, though she does pay respects and homage to other gods and goddess of other religions.

Current Employment

Currently works for the Guan-Yin as the Co-Owner and Hospital Administrator.

Character Biography



Olivia was born April 1st, 2497 to Brian Piper, and Sandra Holmes. Sandra and Brian though not married, have been friends since childhood. They went to college together, and even work at the Promethus Museum on Bernadette, Brian as a historian and exibit cordinator, Sandra in the Art Restoration department.
Sandra was never much for dating, and felt that her art and artistic expression was much more important, while Brain tends to obsess over history, exibits and culture. Brian being openly gay, and wanting a child who better to turn to then his best friend Sandra. They bought a house together, turning it into two separate apartments with a shared kitchen. Sandra turned the upstairs into a one bedroom art studio where she can work in private, while Brian converted the downstairs into a two bedroom house for he and Olivia.
Olivia wasn't schooled conventionally, Brian saw to her education in reading, writting, and mathmatics while using his resources at the museum to make sure the girl knew more about history, culture and everything else.
Olivia's first childhood friend was Eyvindr, his mother working at the museum in the anchient litature department and book restoration, it was more convient for the children to share daycare, and other things while their parents were hard at work. Eyvindr soon became very protective of his little friend, who herself seemed to be a free spirit. Soon the children were sharing vacations, field trips and other things.
Olivia didn't start attending public school until highschool when she expressed a desire for socialization, she was enrolled, but soon the school officals desided to test her to see exactly how far advanced she was. It wasn't that she was a poor student, it was that she seemed to grasp concepts far beyond her age level. By the time she was 16, she graduated high school and was applying to Universities all over the verse. She excepted Bernadette University, opting to stay home where she could be with her friends and her family, and graduated with a BA in History by the age 18. She enrolled in Bernadette University's Psychology program, gaining her masters in both Pre-Medicine and Psychology before continueing on for her Doctrine in Medicine.
While gaining her Doctine, Olivia discovered a small convent on Bernadette of women who worshiped what they called The Primal Mother, Olivia became a member of the order, who taught her herbology, alternative medicine and soon she was ordained an acolyte in the convent.
When Olivia stepped out of medical school, she was also elivated to Priestess of the Order Sisters of The Crest Moon, where she opted to step away from the temple, and Bernadette to spread both health and spirituality to the whole universe.

PC History


Olivia's first offical job was on The Guan Yin, then owned by Rafe Caradeca. There was a minimal staff, including Rulls Darwin, and Stefan Panagopolas. Olivia applied to The Guan Yin because of their policy to never charge for medical care, that was exactly where she wanted to work. She soon found herself fitting in with majority of the crew, even a newly hired Engineer named Chovian Noravasi, a Romany man who spoke to the spirit of the machine.
Olivia loved working on The Guan Yin, she found herself a home around people who would except her oddities and habits. Though occasinoally she would have her words with the captain over things he was doing.
After several adventures, and a close call with Reavers, Rafe Caradeca desided that he was going to buy out Rulls Darwin's shares of the ship, in a rather underhanded move that left Olivia feeling very depressed, and questioning her reasons for being on the ship. After several months watching Rafe Caradeca bed hop with women, and run the finances of the ship into the dirt, along with the disappeaance of several staff, including Stefan, and Chovian quitting Rafe was prounounced dead, and The Guan Yin was left to Olivia. She had no pilot, no cargo master and no engineer.
With the help of Sister Xian, and Eyvindr Bjarnarsun, Olivia was able to bring The Guan Yin up again... and giving birth to her and Eyvindr's oldest child Gawain. Through their shares of ups and downs, hiring on Donna to take over the engineering, and a whole team of medical professionals, The Guan Yin then took on Terrorist from Regina after several bombings of Blue Sun Pharm. Plants that manufactured Pescalin D. The Guan Yin, made deals with hospitals, Blue Sun and other non-profit organisations to get a hold of the Pescalin D to give to the folks of Regina while the terrorsits were brought to Justice, and more of the medication could be made. Several times terrorists, thieves and other unsavory characters tried to kill, and steal for the medication, The Guan Yin not only completed their mission, but earned themselves a much larger, much faster ship. The Guan Yin II was born, and the crew had a new place to fix up and call home.


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