Olivia M. Flynn

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Full name Olivia Margaret Flynn
Birthplace Kitt's Cove, New Melbourne
Parents Eoghan and Líadan Flynn, Owners of Flynn Fishing
Siblings Eoghan, Murphy, and Tómmán - all older brothers (36, 34, and 32), and part of the family business
Assignment First Officer, Shadowdancer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel / Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'7"/ 128 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Kitt's Cove Elementary, New Melbourne Academy

Swimming with Sharks

"It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top."
Hunter S. Thompson

Calm Waters

Kitt's Cove, on New Melbourne, is just like any other small seaside town on the ocean-laden planet. Brightly colored houses clinging to the cliff-side, with curvy treacherous roads the locals know like the back of their hands. The Flynn family home is perched in the cliffs. Bold and blue, with a wide porch looking out to the ocean they spent the majority of their time. When they started out, they had a small caravel named "Daisy" and a boatload of dreams. They filled their house with a small cadre of boys, and found the cash to build a fishing enterprise, shipping delicacies from New Melbourne out into the 'verse. Olivia made her appearance a wee bit after her rough and tumble trio of brothers - who were, by turns, protective and infuriating, just like most older siblings. It was a good life - but she was a starry-eyed dreamer, who wanted to exchange her easy life for one with a bit more adventure than the occasional choppy sea. Not inclined to gut sturgeon her whole life, nor salmon, or any other manner of fish, or engage in fish-related shenanigans, Olly made her way out of New Melbourne on the first ship of the non-piscatorial persuasion, her dad's guitar in tow. Her family would have loved her to stick around, have a pile of kids to grow up in their little corner of the Border of the verse - but she had dreams of making it big on some Core world, playing the grand stage to a throng of fans.

Storm a Brewin'

Olly and liam.jpg
Santo was the first planet she was dumped off at after she hitched her way off New Melbourne. It was dirty, and filled with flashy strip joints, bars, brothels and casinos. The fast pace, bright lights, and throngs of people were alien, but wonderful to the small-town girl. She figured it'd be easier to get a job slinging drinks in the casino until she found her land legs, and got a gig as a musician. Turns out a grubby job scraping plates for less than peanuts was the best she could do, at first. Turns out that was the best she could do for a longer span than she liked, but it was better than the alternative of stripping for the grubbier men, or letting her body pay her bills with a brothel gig. She paid her dues in the kitchens of the Flamingo Casino, catching a show by their less-than-headliner in the wee small hours after her shift ended. Soulful artist sort with a mop of unruly hair and talented enough to trigger her jealousy. She convinced Liam's manager to let her play roadie to the man, using her rather poorly developed wiles of her young adulthood.

Turns out Santo was one of the nicer gigs that Liam and his band played on his rambles across the black. Sketchy bars filled with bottle-chucking locals - and that's if they played well. She worked her way up to backup musician and vocalist, and had a major case of blindspot love-on for Liam, whose lyrics convinced her that her affection for him might be returned in full. The way he looked at her on stage, the way their voices combined curled the toes in her shoes. Seven years invested in a man that she trusted, and loved - who, by his exit stage right off planet clearly didn't return her regard. The abandonment she could have survived that with the proper amount of broken heart and bruised ego, but the pile of debt he laid on her door kicked the innocence right out of her eyes.

Blood in the Water

Olivia was looking for that break that pushed her out of Liam's shadow. Turns out that it wasn't quite the break she was looking for. He'd found his own calling for getting the hell out of Dodge, and that Dodge was Persephone. Turns out he owed all sort of gambling debts to the wrong sorts of people. She'd paid her dues in the small time crime circuit too - paying off this Crime lord and that with the non-optional sort of favors. Got good at the sharking and conning. Paid more of Liam's debts than the strumming in bars did. Easy money was the sort she lined other people's bank accounts with, grifting her way out from under Liam's debt. Turned out that grifting gigs were easier to come by than the other kind most days, and she liked the jingle of credits in her account. Olivia is a bit of a social chameleon, ready to shift her demeanor and appearance to suit the situation. She was raised by calloused-hands fisher folk and a bit of her inner self wishes she could still share their easy-going openness. Trust seems a mite difficult to invest in these days, and she employs trickery and deceit often as a defense. She is often outwardly personable - complete with the proper social cues engaged to put people at ease.

Chasing the Shoreline

Going forward from the past three years of grifting the 'verse, Olivia is having trouble viewing things in the same way. Few years ago, she'd liked to have caught a break in the music biz, maybe settled down somewhere with Liam if the break never came. Now, getting repayment from the debt she'd shelled out in his stead might be nice. She couldn't really unlearn how she looked at people. Like a mark waiting to happen. She'd like to shove that sort of raw, revenge-laden emotion into the strings of her guitar and sing her way out of obscurity - but not too far out, into the spotlight. She's done too many sketchy gigs for so much limelight these days. She occasionally heads off on side-jags, chasing rumors about the elusive musician who robbed her chest of her heart, though she doesn't quite know what she'll do if she actually finds the man.

Beyond the Sandy Shore

"I shall go the way of the open sea, to the lands I knew before you came, and the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me the memory of your name."
Adela Florence Nicolson

Dancing with Shadows

The 'dancer was her first gig as crew for a starship, and so far, the job agrees with her more than her career in music ever did. Not that she's likely to admit that to herself. She got the gig initially trading in on her reputation as a girl who gets things done. She traded in her shiny digs as Public Relations for a job on command staff, and she's still getting used to that extra weight on her shoulders. Awful lot of trust placed on the plate of a girl who has trouble trusting much of anyone. She still thinks of herself as a musician, first, but the job as First Officer is slowly creeping into her head as her identity, now.

Hookedy Hooks

  • She has been grifting her way out of debt for the past three years - so if you want to be a person or relative of a person she helped con, send me a mail and we can work it out.
  • She is a New Melbourne girl, but she's traveled a fair bit of the 'verse - so if you want to have a sketchy bar meeting or the like in your backstory - let me know.
  • Want to be a former caper-mate? Cool - send me a mail.