Oliana Nalu

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Full name Oliana Renee Mibu (nee: Nalu)
Date of Birth 22.Apr.2502
Birthplace Unknown, raised on Bellerophon
Parents Real parents unknown
Siblings Two adopted brothers
Spouse Kyoshiro Mibu
Children Murasaki Doria Mibu

紫 ドリア 壬生

Assignment CMO: Bounty Hunters Guild, Doctor: Jia
Specialization Doctor
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Eyes: Blue, Hair: Blonde
Height and Weight Height: 5'7" Weight: 155lbs
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Yin and Yang.jpg History

Born in an rim world Oli was the daughter of a family with many many many... many children, as such they would often push the older out to live on the streets, and such this happened to Oliana. It was there that a man found her, a doctor who was on world treating injuries, the Doctor took her in and saw to her well being. Oli was given the best treatment by the man's house hold, even though he was often gone, Oli was never lacking. When she was about ten or twelve she took up an interest in her adoptive father's work and began to learn about the healing arts.

Her father was pleased with this and started to encourage her in the ways of healing, sending her to the best schools so that she could learn. But shortly after her nineteenth birthday the man was killed on an rim world, while trying to help a small village who needed medical treatment. The only thing keeping Oli in school and in her father's house was him being alive, once he died his sons took over and forced Oliana out of the house and cut her off from the things she had grown to appreciate forever.

Now she is adrift, still wanting to learn to be a full doctor, and to pick up where her adoptive father left off, helping people where he could.


Long curls of the purest gold top this young woman's head, usually spilling down her back to about mid back length. Shining in the light the tresses of harlow honey are silky and smooth, framing face. Her face is oval, with soft sun kissed skin, high cheek bones, but a slight plumpness to her face showing a bit of youth to her. Her lips are a soft shade of pink, her nose pert and small. Large doe eyes sit evenly on the sides of her little nose; they are the color of sparkling sapphires, holding a touch of innocence to them. It seems as though she cannot be more then twenty-five years of age. A slender neck holds a milky hue look, its graceful arches flow into slender shoulders and well defined arms, though not too muscular.


Over her lithe form she wears a beautiful shirt-length, pale pink silk cheogsam that falls just over her hips. The collar is buttoned at the top with a small eyelet opening at the tops of her breast, showing a hint of the milky flesh just below. The silk has been woven with a white floral pattern, and several pearl buttons make their way down the front. Her legs are covered with a pair of trousers of white silk, the legs are loose and wide. On her feet are a dainty pair of white kid slippers, with hard leather soles.