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Full name Odyessus Selig O'Connor
Date of Birth Apr 27 2475
Birthplace Shadow
Parents Deceased
Siblings Deceased
Assignment None
Specialization Knowledge
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark Blue, White
Height and Weight 5'6, 180
Status Inactive
Education Information

AAS: Alliance History AAS: Alliance Culture

Employment History


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
- George Santayana


PreIC Timeline

04/27/2475: Odyessus is born on Shadow
08/01/2495: Enrolls at Persephone University
05/31/2505: Graduates from Persephone University
05/31/2505: Receives Associates Degree in Applied Science in Alliance History
05/31/2505: Receives Associates Degree in Applied Science in Alliance Culture
01/01/2506 - 09/01/2511: Serves as a Privateer for the Independents during the war.
09/25/2511: Squadron is wiped out on a remote Border Planet. Odyessus barely survives
09/25/2511 - 01/10/2513: Barely alive, Odyessus recuperates and learns the ways of Buddhism.
Odyessus retires as privateer in Dec. of 2511 and begins a fresh life as a Buddhist and teacher
of defensive arts.
2/01/2513 - 01/04/2524: Visits various planets and serves short terms aboard several ships
as a Linguist

IC Timeline


    Born and raised on Shadow. Due to the volume of various traffic that came through Shadow at one time, Odyessus managed to learn and pick up several different languages.
Prior to the war, Odyessus went on to study at the University on Persephone classes in history and culture. He also studied the German, Italian and French languages.
Later on he served in the Unification war as a privateer for the Independents after the annihilation of Shadow. He never had any direct contact with the Independent commanders
and generals, however took shadow/rogue operations as they came against the Alliance. Served in several city/planetary battles and was the sole survivor during a raid on a
Border world planet.

   The battle in which his entire squad was killed off during a Alliance Blitz sneak attack; of which he barely managed to escape the slaughter. After taking heavy shrapnel
and gun fire hits, he found himself out side the steps of a ruined Buddhist temple; after falling the ground he passed out. Awakening, he found himself inside with the Buddhist.
From that point on, he gave up the Privateer and war and laid his gun down to begin training others in unarmed combat and the Buddhist way.

    After the war, he served on various ships as a Buddhist teacher and unarmed combat instructor. His time spent on the ships was short as he stayed only long enough until they reached the planet destination.

Distinguishing marks

    Three scars can be seen on this mans old haggered face: A long scar cutting just above the left eye and down to the middle of his left cheek, another that slashs along the right side cheek and the final just above the right eye.

Known Languages


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