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Nolan img1.jpg
Full name Nolan Grayes
Date of Birth April 1st, 2487
Parents Nancy and Matthew
Spouse Engaged
Assignment Security, Red Lion Industries
Specialization Recon, Spec-Ops
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue - Brown (Graying)
Height and Weight 5'11 - 160 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Formally educated at unspecified Core world universities.

Military Service

Unspecified tour with the 117th Independent Infantry out of Shadow. Official job title 'Advance Scout', although his skills would suggest something greater. He has never spoken of it.



Nolan is an average sized man, standing at perhaps six feet if one were to estimate liberally. His skin is a sun-worn soft brown color, and the surface of his skin looks rough and aged beyond his years. The prominent feature on Nolan's face are his sparkling blue eyes, hidden behind copious amounts of grey-brown hair. His hair isn't curly, nor is it smooth - it's the thicker, rough hair that still looks rough even after a nice shower. It covers his ears and rests easily three inches below his shoulder blades. A short grey-brown beard covers his chin and is kept in trimmed order.

Nolan can usually be seen wearing an ankle length brown trenchcoat, often referred to as a duster, and nearly always associated with the Independents. The coat is well worn, but seems to still be in good condition. It hangs loose on Nolan's slim body, waving in any gusts of wind that may pass, and swooshing slightly as he walks. Under the duster, Nolan wears a formfitting shirt that seems slightly bulkier than a normal shirt, hinting to the protective nature of the garment. A pair of slightly worn black work-like boots encase his feet, the steel toes protecting his foot from any crushing damage, to an extent. His pants are made of a rough navy blue material - something like denim. They have two pockets on the sides, just above the knees, where various items can be stored, as well as a pocket for spare magazines.

Distinguishing Marks

On Nolan's back is a tattoo which runs from between his shoulder blades to just above his belt line. It runs nearly the full width of his back, leaving no natural skin visible in the entire area inside the boundaries of the tattoo. The image itself is quite bold and clear, showing the precision of the artist's work. The actual tattoo is an image of what appears to be an angel, which is reinforced by the fact that the figure has wings. What may be a bit unusual, though, is the fact the figure is holding a large sword, which is held down and away from him, and looks to be on fire (given the vibrant orange, red, and yellow flames which emit from the blade). The fase of the angel is perhaps not what one may expect from such a 'heavenly being'. He looks determined, and somewhat vengeful or angry. His head is lowered slightly, and he is looking straight ahead. He has shoulder-length hair, which seems to be somewhat curly or scruffy - its hard to tell which. On his body, he is wearing some sort of armor, which is an off-white color with a uniform mixture of faded and fresh blood stains, as well as dents and knicks, testifying to the fact that it has seen many battles. All in all, it may be a somewhat intimidating sight, perhaps even offensive to a highly religious person.

Aside from a variety of bullet and edged weapon wounds, the only other distinguishing features on Nolan are the two Pirate Marks that he bears. One is on the inside of his left forearm, and one is just above his left breast on his chest. These, and all other markings on the man's body, are typically always hidden by armor or clothing.