Niska's Skyplex

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Niska's Skyplex
Local Authority Adelai Niska
Population 34
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Yes
Public Shuttle No
Type Skyplex
Class Rim
Orbit over Ezra
Coordinates 1420, 2370, -75
"You really think you can mount a two-man frontal assault on Niska's skyplex and live?"
― Jayne in "War Stories"

Adelai Niska has privatized a skyplex for his own use in the Georgia System (orbiting the planet Ezra).

Canon References

  • the crew stops at Niska's Skyplex in the episode "The Train Job" to discuss the job he has for them.
  • Mal and Wash are brought here in the "War Stories" episode for a little torture, and the crew launches a daring rescue operation.