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Full name Niota Jagder
Date of Birth April 7th, 2496
Birthplace Boros
Parents Harvey and Olivia Jagder
Siblings Rebekah (24), Nolan(22), Allan(17), Gavin(13), and Rani(11)
Spouse none
Children none
Assignment Nurse/Security on Dark Embrace
Specialization Nursing
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair short blond, hazel
Height and Weight Barely 5'5", 140lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Beginning studies: at home
  • Nursing: 4 years (3rd in 89)
  • Hospital: 2 years on Osiris
  • Ships: last 4 years
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History
Personal Notes

Age: 28

Niota knows Chinese and English



  • Born and raised on Boros.
  • Mother taught her a lot of holistic type of healing through knowledge of herbs.
  • Father taught her and her siblings, how to manage guns, and the ranch of cattle and sheep.
  • Spent time on Bernadette with family and attended some schooling there.
  • Went to nursing school on Osiris.
  • Worked a couple of years in a hospital on Osiris.
  • Quit her job, and proceeded to ship hop across the Black on various ships, never leaving under bad circumstances.
  • Last job left her on Freehold before being picked up by the Dark Embrace to work as a Nurse/Security.



Hazel eyes fringed by thick lashes are set into the strong features of a slightly rounded face that shows hints of both an Asian and Germanic heritage; arched eyebrows, a slim nose and lips of a dusky rose. Skin is a light tan, warm and golden, smooth and unblemished. Upon her left cheek, running from the corner of her eye to her ear, is an old white scar that had to have been quite painful when it was made. Her hair is several shades of blond, thick and soft to below her shoulders, but shaggy, as if she carelessly takes scissors to it whenever it gets in the way. Going in whatever direction it chooses, wild and untamed, so unlike her personality most of the time. Perfectly proportioned, she is curvy in all the right places, remaining thin, arms and legs toned yet muscular.

Dressed for comfort, she wears a pair of well worn jeans that fit like a second skin, flared about her scuffed cowboy boots. A flannel shirt is tucked in, a white thermal peeking out about the open collar. Paired with either a jean jacket or a heavier coat as needed, she is also never without the holster for her sidearm worn about her waist.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Old scar on left side of face from near eye to ear

Weapon Collection

The Lightfoot 42 is the commonly used sidearm on a lot of planets, its 9mm ammo packs enough punch for the average customer. The sleek, slender, black design is one of the most renowned in the rim. Practically available everywhere, this sturdy design, or some copy of, it is the sidearm of choice for the discerning shooter on a budget.

This is a non-lethal pistol that shoots bean bags.

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