Nilka 'Nka' Gomez

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Full name Nilka 'Nka' Gomez
Date of Birth May 18, 2498
Parents <parents>
Siblings None
Assignment Head of Engineering for the Red Deuce a search and rescue vessel for Life Line, Inc.
Specialization Engineering, Martial artist and Small arms
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark-brown eyes/Raven-colored hair
Height and Weight 5' 7" / 133 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Persephone Engineering Institute

Employment History

Past - McEnroy Pharmaceuticals Security guard, Phoenix / Present - Red Deuce, Life Line, Inc.


Present Status

She is working as a full-time engineer onboard the Firefly-class ship 'Red Deuce' a search and rescue vessel operating with the Life line, Inc.


A young woman, in her mid-twenties and about five feet seven inches tall from obvious hispanic origins, is in front of you. Her body is slender and very athletic. Her exposed skin has a yellow-brownish tan. Her raven-colored hair has been cut short and her thick hairlocks tumble down over her oval-shaped head and carefully combed to stay off a bit of her face. A pair of very thin dark eyebrows sits low on her forehead, shadowing her penetrating dark-brown eyes. A thin, aquiline nose sits above her bow-shaped brownish lips. An angular chin is set on her square-jaw.

Nilka's outfit took care and patience to create, along with her own special eye for colors and textures. She's picked it out by hand, and she's quite happy with the results! She started with a dull mustard T-shirt, the short sleeves made even shorter by cutting out wide ovals over the shoulders to show off her sleek and muscular form. As well a scooping neck line has been cut from the shirt's front, though the original collar has been left on. That peek at her bronze skin draws the eyes to her svelte torso. The peaked bodice of light grey leather keeps them there, the lacing across her back pulling it tight to her slight and very perky breasts. Nilka wears a rather loose and flowing set of knee length pants, soft grey leather that flows easily over her long and slender legs. Between her boot tops and knees her calves are wrapped in soft grey suede, band of dark leather used to buckle the wraps tight to her shapely leg. These loose pants are held up with a thick black belt, a dark mustard yellow loin cloth threaded through it for a splash of color on an otherwise somber ensemble. The color also serves to call attention to Nilkas broad hips and slim waist. The outfit also includes dark grey gloves that run up to her bicep, tight synth material that coats her like a second skin. The gloves have no fingers and a leather pad over her hand itself, a lighter color along with the bright yellow laces tied up in intricate knots above her wrists.

Personality and Demeanor

She has a very outgoing personality and, most of the time, playful. She is very conscious and has a professional attitude about her chosen career as Engineer with a tremendous drive to excel in all matters of her life, education and work. She has a bit of a hot temper, but, always tries not to overreact. If she's uncomfortable in a certain situation, she will simply walk away and find a place to relax and meditate before taking a serious decision.

Recent Activities

She worked as a shop teller for the Phoenix Supplies shop at Persephone until she became a crew member of the 'Red Deuce' when the ship was bought by the Phoenix organization.