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Full name
  • Nikopol Aleric Jensen
Date of Birth
  • Nov. 13th, 2493
  • Father: Guess' good as mine.
  • Mother: Ruth Jensen.
  • None from my mother.
  • Single.
  • Ha! No.
  • Corsair, Pirate Commonwealth.
  • Male.
Eyes and Hair
  • True blue eyes and brown hair going gray.
Education Information

Enough to be dangerous.


Born and raised on an outer planet. Mom was a farmer, dad, well, no one knows for sure. Nikopol set out to make a name for himself; found himself instead making a hole of debt. He agreed to take a paying job by a man named Jasen. Odd jobs and such, enough to put coin in his pocket and keep him from getting into too much trouble. That was, at least, until the man was captured by the Alliance and imprisoned in a PoW camp. Still able to get messages in and out, he was instructed by the man to help rescue the one thing that meant more than his own life; his daughter.

Plotting as plotters do, he had a plan in mind; a daring one-man assault mission under the cover of night with many lobbed grenades. Of course, the night he planned to do this, explosions rocked the camp before he even landed his craft to begin. And wouldn't you know it, Lady Luck actually smiled at the man for once as the creature he was asked to save was actually making a break for it, right towards him. Picking her up and getting her medical needs taken care of, they were both free now.

Now, debts paid up and his life his own, he still travels with Phawn, including recently joining the Pirate Commonwealth as a Corsair.


Standing just about six foot tall and weight right about one hundred and eighty pounds, Nikopol doesn't stand out in the crowd. Short brown hair that's starting to gray sits atop a ruggedly handsome face. Piercing blue eyes sit above a slightly a crooked nose; one that's been broken a time or seven. Thin lips below the crooked nose and a constant five o'clock shadow finishes off the Nikopol's look.

Nikopol's clothing is rather simple. Sturdy britches, breathable shirt and a long jacket cover it all. Clunky military boots protect his feet from the harsh metal of ship decks just as well as the harsh climates on some of the more uncivilized worlds. While not clean and spotless about his appearance, he never smells bad or looks too unkempt.

Recent Events

Nothing of note as of yet, but stay tuned!


Easy going, slow to anger, but isn't above starting a fight. Often too quiet for his own good, Nikopol doesn't like to or try to stand out. He'll make jokes at others expense, but only rarely. Anything more and you'll just have to meet the man to find out.

The People

  • Phawn: Trust me, even though we talk the way we do, we're actually friends.

RP Hooks

  • Shadow: Born there, ran away as soon as his legs were long enough to carry him.
  • Pirate Commonwealth: New recruit.