Nika Cafferty

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Full name Nika Rose Cafferty
Date of Birth 10/20/2499
Parents Annalea Rose and Dane Stephan Cafferty
Siblings None
Spouse None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Violet Eyes, Ebony Hair
Status Active
Education Information

Dual degrees, one in Botany, the other in Business

Military Service
  • None


If not for the fact that she is human one might expect her to take flight at any moment given the pixie-like look of the girl. Her hair is deep black and stands out in an array of spikes and fluffs, lashes and brows the same ebony color, framing her light violet eyes. Her frame is petite and her face heart shaped, button nose, pert mouth, always bearing a watchful expression, her form is lean and toned, if on the small side, curved appropriately for her gender.


Born to working class folks on Hera, Nika grew up in what most would call a "Normal" home. Her mother, Anne, was a supervisor at one of the Horticultural companies and made decent money, able to keep the family afloat even when her father wasn't working. Dane, her father, was a laborer-turned-browncoat who perished in the Battle of Serenity Valley, leaving a 12 yr old Nika broken hearted and her mother a widow.

She seemed naturally inclined to all things natural, studying plants, even animals, and while she pursued science in school, her mother made her take classes in business, just in case she needed it for a career down the road. Now, thirteen years later, her mother has remarried and Nika's life seemed to lead her ever away from her home, to where, only time will tell.