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Nicoli Alexandrov
Full name Nicoli Alexandrov
Date of Birth September 11, 2504
Birthplace Boros
Parents Mother: Veronica

Father: Vladamir Alexandrov

Siblings Edis and Marcus Alexandrov (the twins)
Children Veronica Mae (daughter)
Assignment Phoenix Brotherhood - Overseer, Elite Command.
Specialization Marksman with: Rifles.

Martial arts mastery of: Muay Thai.

Master Swordsman.

Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hair: Black

Eyes: (R)Blue (L)Grey

Height and Weight 6'9” 190 lbs
Status Dead - Executed
Employment History


Personal Notes

Nicoli is hooked on cigarettes.

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born on Boros on the stormy night of September 11 2504, Nicoli's life was never easy. As a child, he was not strong and was usually the target of a local bullies. This continued until he was seven years old, when his father offered to teach him to fight. By the age of 14, Nicoli had realized he was gay and had found a lover in the older brother of one of his childhood friends.

Their short-lived romance was discovered by the other boy's brother only a few months after it began and despite having been friends with Nicoli since they were both very young, he took it upon himself to 'set things right'. He attacked Nicoli one afternoon, armed with a kitchen knife, in an attempt to kill the one who had 'corrupted' his brother. The The fight ended in tragedy when Nicoli got in a series of good hits, sending his attacker backwards against a large rock; the impact broke his spine. While Nicoli's actions were regarded as 'Self Defense', he has carried the guilt of permanently paralyzing the boy ever since.

When Nicoli was 16, he happened across a burning building and while the family had escaped safely, a little girl's screams for her puppy moved him. At great personal risk, he ran into the house to rescue the child's pet. This act nearly cost him his life, but to him it was worth it to see the look on the little girl's face when she knew her puppy was safe. This is when his strongest belief truly took hold in his life.

Seven months later, Nicoli left home to join up with a band of Mercenaries known as the Phoenix Brotherhood, where he received extensive training with rifles and knives. He was also trained to ignore pain to some extent, which since has saved his life quite a few times. He spent three years with the Brotherhood, however only the better half of the last year was spent in actual missions, as his training took up most of the first two. The Brotherhood disbanded however after the death of their leader; since then Nicoli has been working as a Freelance Mercenary in memory of his old comrades.

At the age of nineteen, shortly after the disbanding of the Phoenix Brotherhood, Nicoli found himself on Boros, caught up in the middle of a bank job. Completely unarmed, he risked his life to put a stop to it. Bare handed, the Russian took on the three armed men and though he sustained several serious wounds, he managed to bring all three of them down.

Nicoli was given the title 'The Beast of Boros' for his efforts that day. Despite it having a more villainous sound to it, the title is a badge of honor meant to reflect that fact that Nicoli would have likely fought until his last breath that day, had there been more than three men.


Having served on the Dochasan Lasair for a few months, Nicoli has all but left the crew after an insolent in which his kneecap was blown off and had to be replaced with a synthetic one. He has given up his work as a freelance mercenary as well, having taken charge of rebuilding the Phoenix Brotherhood in memory of those who had died beside him in combat. Having found enemies on Persephone in a local gang known as the 'Slum Dawgs', Nicoli is often assaulted now whenever he finds himself on the planet.

Though he still considers himself 'gay', Nicoli has proposed to his lover and life-long friend Roisin "Thorne" Kelley a few months after the birth of their daughter Veronica Mae. Nicoli will occasionally joke around, saying that Roisin is 'man enough for him'. After a long engagement, Nicoli and Roisin were finally married in the gardens of their home on Jiangyin, surrounded by friends and family. After a month-long honeymoon on the beaches of Newhall, they returned home, though their joy was short-lived.

Only a week after their honeymoon, Nicoli was abducted by an enemy faction known as the Children of Anarchy and was tortured for months after until his inevitable rescue by the Brotherhood, during which Roisin was abducted by a vengeful band of slavers. She was rescued within a few months as well.


=The Phoenix=

The duster Nicoli wears is decorated along the back with the image of a Phoenix rising from the ashes of a funeral pier. Though this had, at one time, been the emblem of the Phoenix Brotherhood, Nicoli still wears it, seeing it as a reminder of how his life changed the day he ran into that burning building to save a young girl's puppy.


Nicoli carries a small grimoire as a sign of his faith, keeping it inside his vest as a priest or devout christian might carry a bible. This both acts as a symbol of his pagan faith and chronicles the many rituals he's learned throughout his life.

The Good & The Bad


Nicoli has gone above and beyond in his life to learn about weapons and prides himself on his vast knowledge. Because of this he can identify any weapon from any era typically by sight and on closer inspection can often even identify what modifications a weapon may have. The only exception to this is experimental weaponry.


Since birth, Nicoli has had good reflexes and through years of diligent training, he's advanced them to what some would call a 'super human' level. While this allows for many things, it's most noticeable in combat.


After having been abducted and put through a traumatizing psychological torture, Nicoli has developed a fear of losing the people he cares about the most. This fear manifests as an intense need to protect his family.

Recent situations have had an affect on this phobia, which now manifests as traumatic nightmares.


Like most people, Nicoli was always told "smoking is bad or you", but that didn't stop him from picking up the habit as a young adult. Close to the same time he was originally recruited into the Phoenix Brotherhood he began smoking, now he finds himself unable to stop.

=Shades of Grey=

Since birth, Nicoli has been color blind. Unlike most, his affliction is an extreme case, rendering him incapable of processing colors beyond the 'monochrome' spectrum. While it is something he keeps hidden very well, this is something that has adversely affected his life.


Blades Guns Other
Phoenix Scimitar Sawed-Off Ithaca Hammerless 10 gauge Flashbang Grenades
Throwing Knives Smoke Grenades
Survival Knife Frag Grenades
Brass Knuckles

Good Name


I've done allot of good on Boros, saved lives, stopped thieves and muggers, even brought a few murderers to justice. Biggest thing that they remember me there for though is the day I stopped a group of armed men from robbing the local bank; unarmed mind you. They call me the Beast of Boros now, can't get a moment of peace when I touch down there unless I'm in my family's compound.


Whitefall, I wish I could forget what happened here. This is where the Brotherhood originally fell, sixteen elite soldiers strong against a small army of Reavers. Odds were stacked against us, but we didn't lose a single innocent that day. I was one of the survivors, one of the few who walked away from that nightmare. They call me a hero for it, honestly though I can't stand it, so I stay away from the planet where I can now.



Kiba's one of my wolves, the first one my father sent to me in fact, said he was a test to see if I could handle one of them. He's protective enough when he needs to be, he'd a great hunter too but he's too damn friendly. There's only been a handful of people we've met that he hasn't taken a liking to; apart from the criminals of course. His training has been kept to a minimal honestly, I like him to operate more off instinct than commands; it's better that way.

He's so cute!

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Young Nicoli as a Brotherhood Recruit


  • 2504 - Born on Boros.
  • 2509 - Began martial arts training under Vladamir Alexandrov.
  • 2511 - Met Vael who became a lifelong friend.
  • 2515 - Witnessed the birth of his two brothers.
  • 2518 - Realized he was gay, fell in love with the brother of a childhood friend.
  • 2519 - Assaulted by his friend because of his relationship with the boys brother. Paralyzed his attacker from waist down.
  • 2520 (early) - Realized his potential to help others which resulted in a lifetime of selfless heroism.
  • 2520 (late) - Was recruited into the Phoenix Brotherhood. Began his firearms training with sniper rifles, shotguns and knives.
  • 2521 - Wound up in a relationship with the Brotherhood's Overseer, Marius Zauch.
  • 2523 (early) - Witnessed the death of thirteen of the Brotherhood's members, including Marius.
  • 2523 (late) - Became Freelance Mercenary in an attempt to honor his fallen comrades.
  • 2525 (early) - Wound up aboard the Dochasan Lasair as a security officer.
  • 2525 (late) - Became determined to rebuild the fallen Brotherhood.
  • 2526 (early) - Wound up in a relationship with old friend Roisin Kelley after serving along side her on the Lasair for a short time.
  • 2526 (mid) - Discovered that Roisin was pregnant.
  • 2526 (late) - Acquired Base of Operations for the Phoenix Brotherhood in the form of a Monastery on Jiangyin and began recruiting.
  • 2527 (early) - Delivered his daughter in the Monastery.
  • 2528 (early) - Obtained the Firefly class ship, Archangel.
  • 2528 (mid) - Finally married to Roisin Kelley.
  • 2528 (mid) - Nicoli was abducted by the CoA, rescued after two months.
  • 2528 (late) - Nicoli lead a rescue operation to retrieve Roisin Kelley from the hands of slavers.
  • 2529(early) - Nicoli is reunited with Cougar, the medic that patched him up on Whitefall; they became romantically involved.
  • 2529(mid) - Nicoli discovers that Roisin is pregnant again.


Nicoli is colorblind, though he wont admit it. He views the world in shades of gray, incapable of seeing any actual color.

Nicoli is technically Bisexual, though due to past experiences, leans almost exclusively towards men. Roisin "Thorne" Kelley is the only exception to this.