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news Skills

Skill levels on Serenity MUSH vary from other MUSHes quite a bit. To start with, unless there is extenuating circumstances, you are not allowed to have higher than 50 for any skill or attribute to start with. As well, the costs to get higher than 50 afterwards are very steep. We will be watching for those who abuse these numbers, and lower their skills, if need be. The reasons you should increase your skills should be IC reasons.

Skill Levels


Level Meaning
0-9 VERY rudimentary knowledge or ability
10-19 Rough knowledge or ability
20-29 Basic knowledge or ability
30-39 Some training or teachings


Level Meaning
40-49 More training or teachings
50-59 Some experience, well taught and trained
60-69 Years of experience, making your way up
70-79 Very experienced. A known name among colleagues

Big Damn Hero

Level Meaning
80-89 Excellent in skill. Known by many around area.
90-94 Superb in skill. Known by many around the world.
95-100 Near-perfect. EVERYONE knows you for this skill.
100-110 Perfect. -- You're unreal.

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