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news Policy

The following are the policies of the MUSH.


All topics marked in bold * are REQUIRED reading for anyone who plans on joining the MUSH.

  • RP First - Our 'RP is first' policy
  • Alts - Our position on alternate characters
  • Rating - Our rating and policies pertaining to
  • Content - Our policy on content and similar
  • Player Rules - Rules the players must follow
  • Roleplay Rules - Rules of the RP scene
  • Admin Rules - Rules our admin must adhere to
  • Channels - Rules for channel usage
  • Age - Rules about age on the game
  • Sex - Rules dealing with the act of sex on the game.
  • Death - Our policies on how Death is handled on the game.
  • Noms - Guidelines about acceptable +noms
  • Typos - Guidelines on typos and rewards