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news Miners Guild

The Miners’ Guild is one of the largest guilds in the system, and probably the most controversial. Though it has successfully fought for the rights of exploited miners and gained a great many concessions from the large corporations, some human rights groups have accused it of turning a blind eye to slavery. When it comes to the rights of the individual prospector on the frontier, the guild has been of great help. It provides lawyers and money for individuals to take on corporations such as the Corone Mining Consortium. It was the Miners Guild that forced the Alliance to send much needed medical supplies to the Georgia system to help the miners who had contracted a rare disease in the mines. The Miners’ Guild is very large. It is slow moving and like any other organization has its share of heroes and goats. The guild claims that it is trying to fight the practice of using indentured servants and slaves to work in the mines and, to give credit where it so happens to be due, the Mines Guild has done some good in some places. In others, however, guild members have taken bribes from the corporations to look the other way. The guild is under immense pressure to clean up its act, and corrupt members are learning that things are getting a little too hot for comfort.