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news Mandarin

The following are Mandarin Phrases for use in Role play, taken from the RPG and included for reference purposes. Typed out by Inara (additional content typed by Smudger).

  1. A knot of self indulgent lunacy Fahng-Tzong Fung-Kwong Duh Jeh
  2. A switch to those girls' backsides is just good enough Byen Dah Tah Muhn Dug Bay Jo Go Lai.
  3. Abracadabra-alakazam Tian-Ling-Ling, Di-Ling-Ling.
  4. Accusing someone of lying, a ridiculous notion, or talking out of the posterior Fuhn Pi, literally "farting."
  5. Affirmative Shi Ah
  6. Agitate someone out of hiding Da Chow Jin Ser, literally "beating the grass to startle the snake."
  7. Alas, not good, what a mess, too bad Jao Gao, literally "spoiled cake."
  8. Alcoholic Jo Guei
  9. All the planets in space flushed into my butt Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo
  10. Alliance Nien Mohn.
  11. Are we clear? Dohn luh mah.
  12. Attributing an unfortunate longshot occurrence Yeh Lu Jwo Duo Luh Jwonh Whei Jian Guay, literally "do enough nighttime travels and one will eventually see a ghost"; also a warning of future retribution.
  13. Awesome or extraordinarily clever Gao Guhn, literally "high pole."
  14. Baboon's ass crack Feh Feh Pi Goh.
  15. Balls Kwong-chee duh
  16. Bar (drinking establishment) Jo Ba
  17. Bastard, jerk Huen Dahn, literally "rotten egg."
  18. Belle of society Da Shao Jei, also used sarcastically for sassy or attention-seeking girls.
  19. Big boss or operator of a business LaoBuhn; Lao Buhn Ni'um for female boss or proprietor's wife. Also informal appellation for acquaintances.
  20. Big brother Ghuh or Ghuh-Ghuh, the former is more intimate and connotes blood relation.
  21. Big stupid pile of stinking meat Yi Dwei Da Buen Chuo Roh.
  22. Big sister Jei or Jei-Jei.
  23. Black, the Hei Kong
  24. Blindside or conspire against someone secretly Fahn Leong Jian, literally "shoot a cold arrow."
  25. Blue Sun Sector Dong Fong Qing Long ("Eastern Blue Dragon, or 'Qing Long' for short
  26. Bombastic;talk big but little to nothing to show for Lei Sh'un Da Yui Dian Shao "loud thunder, small raindrop"
  27. Border, the Biah Jeh
  28. Bottoms up Gon Beh, literally "Dry cup."
  29. Brilliant Jing Chai.
  30. Browncoat Jone Yee.
  31. Buddhist Monk Her Sung
  32. Budget Jing Fei
  33. Burning the midnight oil Kai Yeh Ch'uh, literally "driving the night train."
  34. Can I get another <insert drink here> Qing zai lai yi bei [drink]?
  35. Captain (of a ship) Chuan Zung
  36. Card Shark Pai Chien
  37. Central Planets Zhong Shing
  38. Cheap floozy Jien Huo.
  39. Check at once Ma Shong Jien Cha.
  40. Cheering or urging someone on Jah Yoh, literally "Add fuel," equivalent of "go (name)!" in English .
  41. Chinese/Mandarin language Jwohn Guo Hwa.
  42. Come in Qing Jing
  43. Commercial or merchant shipShang Chuan
  44. Common folk Lao Bai Shin
  45. Companion (as profession) Bahn Leu
  46. Comrade in arms, fellow soldier Jahn Yo
  47. Cool Ku.
  48. Commit blunder of great magnitude Bie Woo Lohng.
  49. Complete disarray or sheer pandemonium Tian Fuhn Di Fu, literally "sky tumbles while earth turns over."
  50. Completely useless Tian Di Wu Yohn.
  51. Congratulations Gohn Shi.
  52. Conniving or scheming person Guay Toh Guay Nown, literally "ghost head and ghost brain."
  53. Con artist Lao Chien; add Neu (female) in front for con woman.
  54. Core, the Her Shing
  55. Corrupt collusion Mao Su Tohn Mian "cat and rat sleeping together."
  56. Cortex Kuo Tieh Sze, phonectic translation.
  57. Countermeasure or proof against something Jao Yeow Jing, from Chinese Taoism, literally a tiny mirror hung over doorway to frighten away evil spirits.
  58. Cow Dung Niou-Se
  59. Cow Sucking Shee-Niou
  60. Crazy dog in love with its own feces Ai Chr Jze Se Duh Fohn Diang Gho.
  61. Crocodile tears Mao Ku Lao Su, "cat crying over dead rat."
  62. Cursing Ma Jung Hwa, literally "chastise with dirty words."
  63. Cut the bullcrap, stop bluffing or lying Saho Gai
  64. Cute Kuh Ai.
  65. Dance hall girl Wu Nu, Jio Nu for saloon girl
  66. Dangly Piece of Flesh JAN-doh duh ee-KWAI-ro
  67. Damn or damn it Ta Ma Duh, literally "his mother's..."
  68. Dangerous person or animal Wei Shian Dohn Woo.
  69. Daydream or wishful thinking Bai Lih Mohn.
  70. Dear God in Heaven Wuh De Tyen, Ah
  71. Deserving of a thousand deaths Tzwei Gai Won Shi
  72. Deserving of bad consequences or fate Hwo Gai.
  73. Despicable Kuh Wu.
  74. Determined effort, or when there's a will, there's a way Yu Gong Yi Shung, from the Chinese folktale about an old man determined to move the mountain that was blocking his home, one stone at a time.
  75. Dirty bastard sons of bitches Wang bao DAHN
  76. Do something for nothing in return, or wasted endeavor without a payoff Yee Yan, literally "a charity show."
  77. Dog Humped Go Tsao Duh
  78. Done for imminent doom Wong Dahn, literally "finished (cooked) egg."
  79. Don't worry FAHNG-sheen
  80. Dumbass Chwen, descriptive, literally "retarded."
  81. Eath-That-Was, the Lao Di Chao
  82. Earthshaking Jing Tian Dwohn Di, literally "startle the sky and shake the earth."
  83. Endless tangling and involvementTse Tse La La
  84. Engage a monkey in feces-hurling contest G'en ho Tze Bi Dio se.
  85. Enough of this nonsense Go Hwong Tong.
  86. Everything under the sky Tian Shia, can be used to allude to the world or universe.
  87. Everything under the sky must die Tian Xia Suo You De Ren Dou Gai Si
  88. Excrement Mi Tian Gohn, slang, derives from the fact that when you stack the three characters-- "mi"(rice), "tian"(paddy), and "gohn" (public or mutual)-- from top to bottom in that order, they form the ideograph for excrement.
  89. Exhaust one's talent or energyJiung Lung Chai Jing
  90. Explosive diarrhea of an elephant Da Shiong La Se La Ch'wohn Tian.
  91. Fear nothing but (fill in the blank) Tian Bu Pa, Di Bu Pa, Tze Pa...
  92. Fellow Ja Hwo, also slang for weapon.
  93. Female companion or girlfriend Ma Tze, a somewhat derogatory slang; add "Dow" in front for "looking to get a girlfriend."
  94. Fight a decisive battle Jyue Ts'u Shong
  95. Filthy fornicators of livestock Ung Jeong Jia Ching Jien Soh.
  96. Fire! Kai Huo(as in shooting), Fuhn Huo (as in starting).
  97. Fire at will or terminate with extreme prejudice Da Kai Sa Jeh, meaning "breaking the Buddhist vow against killing."
  98. Flagship Chi Chiang
  99. Flat-chested Hur Bao Duhn, slang, literally "eggs cooked sunny side up."
  100. Foiled or ruined at the last moment Soh Ya Feh Tian, expression, literally "a cooked duck flies away."
  101. Fool Sah Gwa, literally "stupid melonhead."
  102. Friend, pal, buddy Puhn Yoh.
  103. Fringe, theBiang Jeh
  104. Frog-humping son of a bitch Ching-wah Tsao Duh Liou Mahng
  105. Gambler Du Shen for a great gambler, Du Guei for an addictive gambler, Du J'er for everybody else
  106. Gang, crew, or confederate of diehards Se Duhng.
  107. Gang or faction leader Da Gher Da for male, Da Jeh Da for female, slang.
  108. Garbage Luh Suh.
  109. Get bold or audacious Fahn Dahn, literally "release courage."
  110. Get lost Kwai Jio Kai.
  111. Go all out, holding nothing back Ping Ming, literally "fight for one's life."
  112. Go far away very fast KWAI chur hun-rien duh di fahng
  113. Go crazy, lose sanity Da Fa Shen Jing
  114. Go to hell Chui Se, literally "go die."
  115. God knows what Tyen Shiao Duh
  116. Goddamn Monsters Tyen-sah duh UH-muo
  117. Good or okay How.
  118. Good journey or bon voyage Yi Lu Shwen Fohn.
  119. Good luck Joo How Rin.
  120. Greater is the support, greater is the achievement Ni Duo Fuo Da, "the more the clay, the bigger the Buddha statue."
  121. Greetings Ni How.
  122. Handsome Shwie.
  123. Happy development or fortuitous turn of event How Shi Sung Chung, literally " a good show's about to start," can be used sarcastically.
  124. Harlots of Sons of bitches Wahg-ba DAN duh biao-tze
  125. Have desires above one's social/financial position, or beyond one's ability to realize Lai huh Moh Sheong Tze Tian Uh Zoh, literally "for a toad to think of eating a swan."
  126. He or she Tah, "tah-duh" for his or hers, "tah-muhn" for them, "tah-muhn-duh" for theirs.
  127. Hey! Wei!
  128. Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews Wuh duh ma huh ta duh fung-kwong duh wai-shung doh.
  129. Holy Testicle Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN
  130. Homewrecking tramp Hu Li Jing, literally "fox spirit."
  131. Hopeless person Hsiu Mu Fen Tu, "decayed wood and fithy soil."
  132. Hospital or infirmaryYi Yuan
  133. Hump Gun.
  134. Hurry, speed up Guhn Kwai.
  135. I or me Wuo, wuo-duh for mine.
  136. I don't believe my eyes! Wo Bu Shin Wo Dah Yan Jing.
  137. I neither see nor hear you Wuo Dwei Nee Boo Ting Boo Jen.
  138. Idiot,moron Buhn Dahn, literally "stupid egg," or Chwen Joo, literally "retarded pig."
  139. Idiots. All of you Nee Mun DOH Shr Sagwa
  140. Idle moments or too much spare time Zhong Shi Shi Jiang, literally "Core System time," a slang derived from the common belief that life is so great in the Core, everyone has free time.
  141. Ignorant masses/multitude Yu Fu Yu Fu, heavier tone on the second "fu"; literally "stupid common men, foolish common women
  142. Impossible Bu Kuh Nuhn.
  143. Impressive display or visage but no substance Da Chung Wu Dahn,literally "big gun, no bullet."
  144. In someone's doghouse Luhn Gohn, literally "a cold place," which is where an emperor confines those concubines who have fallen out of favor.
  145. In that case, never mind Nah Mei Guan Shee.
  146. In the name of all that's sacred! Tyen Shiao Duh
  147. Intrepid but foolish; foolhardy Bao Hu Peng Her, "fighting a tiger barehanded and crssing a river without a boat"
  148. Invite trouble with kindness Shao Tze Ing Guei, from the Chinese tradition of burning imitation paper money as a tribute to the deceased, so they would not be poor and inconvenienced in the afterlife. (Unfortunately, the act sometimes also attracts derelict ghosts, hence the phrase.)
  149. Jinx (said of a woman) Bai Hu Shing
  150. Junk Feh Wu.
  151. Just our luck Jen Dao Mei
  152. Kick me in the ass Tee wuh duh pee-goo
  153. Leader of a criminal operation Ser Toh, literally "snakehead," derogatory.
  154. Leave one to his own fate Tze Sh'un Tze Mieh.
  155. Let me repeat myself Wuo Jai Jeong Yi Chi.
  156. Let's take a deep breath EE-chee shung-hoo-shee
  157. Life support failure Shuhn Ming Shi T'wohn Gu Jong.
  158. Like a pig's fart Shi'ung Zhu Pi Yi Yung
  159. Like hell Jien Ta Duh Guay, literally "See his ghost."
  160. Little brother Di or Di-Di.
  161. Little sister Mei or Mei-Mei.
  162. Long time no see How Joh Bu Jian.
  163. Loud-mouthed shrew T'su Lao Hu, colloquialism, literally "tigress"
  164. Lynch Mob Bao Min
  165. Male companion or boyfriend Kai Tze, also a somewhat derogatory slang.
  166. Manipulate, or playing somebody for a fool Swa.
  167. Mechanic Ji Kong
  168. Mediocre appearance Mao Bu Jing ren; replace Mao with Ji for mediocre skills or ability; with Yian for performance
  169. Mercenary Gu Kong
  170. Merciful Buddha protect us Rung Tse Fwo Tzoo Bao Yo Wuo Muhn.
  171. Merciful God, please take me away Rung Tse Song Di Ching Dai Wuo Tzo.
  172. Merciless bastard Lurn Shwei Jah Jwohn, literally "cold-blooded mixed breed."
  173. Merciless hell Ai Yah Tien Ah.
  174. Mind your own business Gwon Ni Tze Jee Duh Shr.
  175. Miss Shao Jeh, literally "little lady." Follows a name when addressing a known person, so River would be addressed as Tam River shao jeh, or simply Tam shao jeh.
  176. Mister Shian Shen, literally "born before me," also follows a person's name.
  177. Monkey raping Cheong Bao Ho Tze.
  178. Mother of God Wuh De Ma
  179. Motherless goat of all motherless goats Mei Yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong.
  180. Mother ******* son of a bitch Meh, tah mah duh hwoon dahn
  181. Muddled, mixed-up, confused Wu Toh Wu Now, literally "without a head or brain."
  182. No problem Mei Wen Ti,
  183. No Way Tsai boo shr
  184. Nonsense Fay Hwa
  185. Not advised Jwohn Gao Bu Yi.
  186. Not enough Bu Goh, or Hai Bu Goh for "not enough yet."
  187. Not keeping a rendezvous Fahn Gher Tze, literally "release a pigeon" but insinuating not picking up the bird at the destination.
  188. Now, immediately Ma Shong.
  189. Nuts Shiang Jing Ping or just Shian Jing, Fah Shian Jing for "going nuts."
  190. Oddball or a goof Chai Neow.
  191. Of course Duhn Ruhn.
  192. Oh god no! Lao Tyen, Boo
  193. Oh my God Wuo Duh Tian Ah.
  194. Old Lao.
  195. Old man/husband Lao Gohn.
  196. Old Lady/wife Lao Puo.
  197. Old Sol System Gu Lao Tai Yung
  198. On the Drift Kong Lio
  199. One must be ruthless to be a great Wu Du Bu Juhn Fu, literally "a person without poison is not a great man."
  200. Orator or speaker Yan Shuo Jia
  201. Outdo someone or doing one better Dao-Gao-Yee-Chi Mon-Gao-Yee-Juhn, expression, literally "the solution advances a yard, the problem advances a mile."
  202. Over my dead body Choo Fay Wuh Suh Leh
  203. No chance of return, or a plan doomed to fail Ni Nio Ru Hai, "cattle made of mud submerging into the sea."
  204. Pal Lao Sheong if addressee is older, Lao Di if younger; used for men only. P'n Yoh for "friend."
  205. Panda Urine Shiong Mao Niao
  206. Password, secret word or signal Ahn How
  207. Pathetic wretch Bei Bi Shiou Ren, literally "shameless dirty little person."
  208. Peon, small fry, a nobody Wu Ming Shao Jwu, literally "nameless little foot soldier."
  209. Prehistoric Lao Deow Ya, literally "so old as to lose all teeth."
  210. Piece of Crap Lun Dong Shi
  211. Pig-Brained Zhu Toh Zhu Nao
  212. Pig's sty Joo Fuen Chse.
  213. Pile of sun-baked dog poo Ri shao gou shi bing.
  214. PilotFei Shin Yuan
  215. Piss-soaked pikers Niao SE duh DOO-gway
  216. Plain, bland, bare Yong Chwen Mien, slang taken from the namesake generic, flavorless noodle dish.
  217. Please be quiet Ching Ahn Jing Yi Dien.
  218. Pool of excrement F'n Zse, can be used in an expression for "deep crap."
  219. Pool of pig droppings Joo Fuen Chse.
  220. Posterior Pi Gu.
  221. Preacher Shuan Jiao Shi
  222. Precious, darling, sweetheart Bao Bei.
  223. Pretty lady Chiao Gu Nao
  224. Public nuisance Chueh Duh Gueh, literally "a wily ghost lacking in principles."
  225. Pumpkin (or any similar affectionate term for a young girl) Ya Toh
  226. Purplebellies Tze Du
  227. Rags to richesBai Sho Chenge Jia, "build a house from bare hand."
  228. Real man Nuhn Tze Huhn.
  229. Really dangerous Wei Shan, more poetic, Wo Hu Chung Long, which is "crouching tiger, hidden dragon," an expression for something dangerous.
  230. Reap what you sow Jong Mai Duh Mai, "sow wheat, recieve wheat."
  231. Reavers Ruo Guei, "ghost in flesh."
  232. Recklessly bold, extremely audacious Dun da Bao tian, "gall big enough to swallow the sky."
  233. Redundant, unnecessary complicating something Wua Ser Tian Jwoo, literally "draw a snake and add feet to it."
  234. Remorseless harridan BOO hway-HUN duh PUO-foo
  235. Repair, or as slang for inflicting physical punishment Shio Li
  236. Reveal the whole truth, disclose every fact Her Pung Tuo Chu, "drag out the entire plate
  237. Retreat, run away Jio Weh Sung Chiun, phrase summarizing the last of the Chinese "36 Stratagems," which extols the virtue of fleeing to fight another day.
  238. Ridiculous strange, illogical or nonsensical Mo Min Chi Meow, literally "not understanding the peculiarity."
  239. Rim, the Wai Yuen
  240. Rim planets Wai Shing
  241. Ruined, finished Wan Duhn Luh.
  242. Ruined by last-minute mistake or negligence Wei Sun Jio Jen Gong Kwei Yi Kwei, literally "the lack of one basketful of earth spoils the whole effort to build a mountain range."
  243. Ruthless or savage beast of a person Ching Soh.
  244. Saber-rattling; ready for a fight Muo Chuan Chia Jiung, "rubbing one's own fists and palms."
  245. Sail across an ocean (or prolonged distance, like stars Piao Yung Guo Hai
  246. Saloon Jo Diang
  247. Scared as a rat Dun Shiao Ru Su
  248. Scheme befitting a stupid donkey Dai Liu Chih Ji
  249. Screw him/her running Gun Ta Jwo Lu.
  250. Screw you Chwee Ni Duh.
  251. Secret code Mi Ma
  252. Shameless Hussy Meh Lien Duh Iyah Jee, literally "faceless bastard prostitute."
  253. Shiny, awesome, fantastic Jahn!
  254. Shiny, pretty, nice, sleek Piao Leong. (A better translation than the one previous.)
  255. Show friendship (often with a selfish motive) or seeking the friendship of influential people La Jiao Ching
  256. Shut up Bi Jweh.
  257. Shut up and make us wealthy Bi Jweh, Lung Wuo Mun fah tsai.
  258. Sir Da Yeh. When used as nobility, Nuhn Jwei, following the name.
  259. Skyplex Tian Ta
  260. So guilty as to deserve a thousand deaths Jwei Gai Won Se.
  261. Someone (especially a criminal) who has escaped doom or punishment Luo Wong Chih Yu, "fish that has slipped through the net."
  262. Son of a bitch Wong Ba Duhn, or Go Neong Yung Duh for a more literal and vicious translation.
  263. Space station tai Kong Jahn.
  264. Spacers Shing So, "star hand."
  265. Speak now and quickly Yo Hua Kwai Suo.
  266. Speaking without a clue Shiah Hwa, literally "blind talk."
  267. Speed up, hasten up or catch up Kai Kwai Ch'uh, "driving the express train"
  268. Stiffer than dry Canton mud Bi Kwung Dong Ni Hai Yin
  269. Stop talking Joo Koh.
  270. Strive for vindication or to prove one's worth Jeng Yi Ko Chi, literally "fighting for a breath."
  271. Stubborn Disciplinarian Pyen Juh Duh Jiou Cha Wen
  272. Stupid Yu bun duh
  273. Stupid, inbred pile of meat BUN tyen-shung duh ee-DWAY-RO
  274. Stupid person Dai Shing ren, meaning "alien from a moronic planet."
  275. Stupid son of a drooling whore and monkey Lio Coh Jwei Ji Neong Hur Ho Deh Yung Duh Buhn Jah J'wohn.
  276. Swindle Gwai.
  277. Suicidal idea Tze sah ju yi.
  278. Super Chao Ji
  279. Surrender, give up Toh Shung.
  280. Take care, stay healthy Bao Jone, literally "maintain weight."
  281. Talk nonsense Shia Suo.
  282. Thanks Sheh Sheh.
  283. That's okay then Nah may gwon-shee
  284. There's nothing in this plan that isn't horrific Juh Guh Jee hua Juhn Kuh Pah!
  285. Things never go smooth How W'rin Bu Lai, Whai W'rin Bu Jwo, literally "good luck don't come, bad luck don't leave."
  286. To deflate someone Luo Chi, "leaking air."
  287. To insult or shame Wu Ru
  288. To scheme or plot in vain Bai Fei Shing Ji
  289. To stall or give a runaround Da tai Chi, literally "pactice tai chi," equating the slow motions of the martial art to stalling.
  290. To throw in a monkey wrench Gwai Ma Jeow, literally "twist a horse's legs (while it's galloping.)"
  291. Trouble, problem, complication Ma Fuhn.
  292. Tyrant, irn-fisted ruler Ba Wong.
  293. Ugly or perverted person Joo Bah Jeh, insult taken from the name of the hoggish, lecherous chracter in the popular Chinese folktale, "Journey to the West."
  294. Understand Dohn, dohn-ma for "understand?" dohn-luh-mah for "are we clear here?"
  295. Unificattion War, the Tohn Yi Da Jahn, or Tohn Janh for short
  296. Using a beautiful woman as bait Mei Ren Ji
  297. Utterly insincere, or suave and slyYo Chung Hua Dow, "slick lungs, slippery tone."
  298. Vagabond Lio Lung Ren
  299. Very Feh Chun.
  300. Very capable or resourceful Yi Shung Dao Hai, "move the mountain and inverse the sea."
  301. 'Verse, the Ren Lei Yu Juo, or Ren Juo for short.
  302. Violent Lunatic Shiong-Mung Duh Kwong-Run
  303. Vulgar folk who place money above everything else Shi Jing Chih Tu; originally meaning "tradesmen."
  304. Wait/hold on a second D'un Yi Shia.
  305. Warning someone against doing things "the hard way" Jin JohBu Chi Chi Fah Joh, literally "choosing to sip the wine of penalty over that of respect."
  306. Warship Jahn Chiang.
  307. Wave (as in communication) Wung Bao
  308. We, us Wuo Mun, Wuo Mun Duh for ours.
  309. We will enjoy your silence now Bai Tuo, Uhn Jin Yee Dien.
  310. Win the first battle, match or contest Chi Kai Duh Shung, "victory upon unfurling the flag."
  311. What Shuh Muh?
  312. What the hell is this crap Juh Shi Suh Mo Go Dohng Shee?
  313. Whores in Hell Tah-shr SUO-yo DEE-yure duh biao-tze duh MAH!
  314. You Ni, ni-duh for yours, ni-muhn for plural, ni-muhn-duh for plural possessive.
  315. You don't deserve it Ni Bu Ying Duh Jur Guh.
  316. You wanna bullet right in your throat? Nee Yow Wuo Kai Chiung?
  317. You wanna die? Nee Tzao Se Mah?
  318. You're looking wonderful Lao pung yo, nee can chi lai hun yo jing shen
  319. Young one Nyen Ching Duh, or Yo Chr, slang for underage (literally "infant teeth.")
  320. Your mother Te ma de!
  321. Watch your back Zhu Yi
  322. Water Swei.
  323. We're doomed Ai ya! Hwai leh! Or Ai ya, wo mun wan leh!