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news Features

We, the Admin of Serenity MUSH, have decided to offer the following list of feature characters that are available for application. However more canon names like Mal and Inara have been reserved to be used as Admin aliases, you won't see them in character on the grid.

If you are interested, please see the information below, and if you are still interested, @Mail Mal and Inara with your application.

Characters: Appearances: Taken:
Badger Shindig, Serenity: Pilot Yes
Niska War Stories, Train Job Yes
Atherton Wing Shindig Yes
Sir Warrick Harrow Shindig No
The Operative Serenity: The Movie Yes
Saffron Our Mrs. Reynold's, Trash Yes
Jubal Early Objects in Space Yes
Fess Higgins Jaynestown Yes
Durran Haymer Trash Yes

For information in applying: Features Applying