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news Factory

All nobles have a factory at their disposal. Factories can be used to produce cargo for ships to haul, and can often be created at a cost less than the same cargo is available at the Trade Office. Supply your factory with workers, raw material, and credits to build cargo. Looking at at your factory will tell you the maximum amount of workers that can be in the factory.


fac help

Type fac help to bring up your list of commands.

Command Explanation
FAC HELP Displays the help screen
FAC STATUS Displays a status report
FAC LIST PRODUCTS Displays what this factory may produce
FAC LIST WORKERS Displays what kinds of employees exist
+FAC MANIFEST Displays cargo available to the factory
FAC HIRE <#> <Type> Hires employees to work here
FAC FIRE <#> <Type> Fires employees in the unassigned pool
FAC PRODUCE <#> <Item> Begins production of that item
FAC CANCEL <Item> Cancels work order for item
FAC ASSIGN <#> <Type> TO <Item> Allocates workers to a project
FAC REMOVE <#> <Type> FROM <Item> Removes workers from project
FAC DEPOSIT # Deposits money in the factory (in credits)

fac status

This will bring up a screen telling you what the workers at your factory are currently assigned to and how many workers are available to be assigned to a project.

fac list products

This command will tell you what types of cargo your factory can create, the cost to you of creating that item, the materials needed, the number of tons of the cargo you'll receive, and the man-hours required before it's completed.

For example, say your factory can create Protein Packs. You'll receive this information with you use the fac list products command:

Protein Packs
Cost: 10 credits.
Raw Materials: 2 Pigs, 2 Chickens.
Output: 10 Protein Packs.
Manhours: 80 production.

fac list workers

This will list the workers and technicians available for hire, and the workers that you have, but are not assigned to any project. Technicians work twice as efficiently as normal workers, but cost three times as much, good if you have limited space for workers in your factory, not so good if you're strapped for cash.

fac manifest

To make your cargo, you need raw materials. You have a large, but limited space to store materials and cargo. Using this command displays what you're currently storing in tons and how much space is free.

fac hire <#> <type>

This command is used to hire more workers or technicians to your factory. Insert the number of people you want to take on in the <#> slot, and enter either workers or technicians under <type>

fac fire <#> <type>

The same as the above command, only used to remove workers and technicians from your factory.

fac produce <#> <item>

To begin production on an item, type fac produce <#> <item> In the case of the above mentioned Protein Packs, you could type fac produce 1 Protein Packs to begin production on 10 tons of that cargo (as Protein Packs Output is 10).

fac cancel <item>

If you need to stop production on your cargo, use this command.

fac assign <#> <type> to <item>

Assign workers and technicians to your production to put the necessary manhours into it's creation. Say you wanted to assign ten of your idle workers to your Protein Packs.

Type fac assign 10 workers to Protein Packs

fac remove <#> <type> from <item>

Perhaps your worker's time would be better spent elsewhere in your factory. To remove all or some of your workers or technicians from producing a cargo, use this command.

fac deposit <#>

You need to spend money to make money. Deposit credits into your factory with this command.