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news Contracts

The Contract system is something like the cargo system. Companies put up requests for a certain type and amount of cargo by a certain time and offer a price better than the market value for it. Buy a cargo container, take a contract, buy the cargo where it's cheapest, and take it to it's destination.

The first thing to do is to buy a cargo container. You can transport cargo without a container, but you can't run contracts without one. Cargo containers are available on Persephone and come in 50 ton, 100 ton, and 200 ton varieties. Remember to take into consideration how many tons of cargo you can transport before taking a contract. Empty cargo containers do not count against the amount of space available in your hold.

Syntax: +con/list

Now that you're able to transport cargo for a contract, go to a cargo office on any planet to take one. To see what contracts are available for ships to take, type +con/list to display a screen with five columns. The first is the contract identification number, the second is the name of the company posting the contract, then the destination they need the cargo taken to. The fourth column is the type and amount of cargo required to complete the job. The last two are the payout for completing and the penalty for failing to complete the job respectively.

Syntax: +con/take <contract ID number>/<ship>

Once you know which contract you want to take, use this command to select it. Remember to keep in mind how much you are physically able to transport before taking a contract!

Multiple contracts can be taken at one time. The only limit is the amount of time you have to complete the jobs. Some careful planning might make for an extremely profitable series of runs, but don't take so many that you run out of time to complete them all.

Syntax: +con/open

This command shows you what contracts (if any) you've taken.

Syntax: +mkt/buy <#> <commodity>=<cargo container>

Fly to where the specified cargo is the cheapest, and use this command to stock your cargo container. At the present moment, cargo must be purchased into the container. You're cargo won't count if it's simply in your cargo bay.

Syntax: +con/close <contract>=<cargo container>

Once you've filled your cargo container with the specified amount and type of cargo to complete the job, fly it to its destination and use this code to complete the transaction. The contract will be removed from your list of active contracts.

Syntax: +con/cancel <contract ID number>

If for any reason you need to cancel your contract, use this code to abandon the specified number. The fee for failing to complete it will be automatically deducted from your +balance.