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news Consent

Consent on the game is not quite as simple as most people think. Unlike many games, we do not simply define ourselves as non-consent. However, for the sake of simplicity, we are a non-consent MUSH. This means that although you might not agree with what is happening to your character, or in a situation, if it is in character, then it remains. Also, because of that, we do not do retcons, except under the most dire of circumstances such as an NPC mix up. This means that we do not undo most situations that occur, however we will help come up with a way to fix repercussions if necessary.

That being said, our policy changes when you look at death. We do not promote or encourage player death, however it does happen. We will do everything we can in order to prevent a character from dying, including permanent injuries and other things. That being said, death does happen and if it cannot be prevented, or we the staff feel that it is time for your character to die then it will occur.