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The Economy at Serenity Mush offers something for everyone. Even if you do not have skill levels in Bargain or Value, we have a way for you to run cargo and make a profit. It is called the Cargo Object Console or the Cargo Vendor found in some Cargo offices. This is legal cargo.

The Cargo Object or crates are actual objects that you buy at one cargo office then sell at the cargo office listed on the side of the crate. You have to have a mule and ship to transport these crates as you are not able to pick them up and your mule is not allowed on public transport.

So where are the Cargo Vendors? They are not found every where. In fact they are only found on 7 planets. Alexandria, Ariel, Bellerophon, Ezra, Jiangyin, Persephone, and Santo.

So now you have flown to one of these planets. You hop on your mule and drive to the Cargo office. When you look at the Vendor you will see something like this:

Cargo Vendor - Ariel(#19616TW)
Cargo Vendor =>Ariel<=
The cargo vendor is a mass of squared metal with a very small screen on it.

Upon the screen are a set of commands.

+cargo/buy 1 - This command will order cargo for you that is within the price range of 174 - 300 credits.
+cargo/buy 2 - This command will order cargo for you that is within the price range of 301 - 600 credits.
+cargo/buy 3 - This command will order cargo for you that is within the price range of 601 - 1000 credits.

+cargo/sell <Cargo ID> - This command sells the cargo for the amount listed on the Cargo itself.

=[ NOTE ]=====================================================================
Cargo can only be moved by MULE, so don't buy it unless you have one.
Doing so may leave this cargo here for anyone to come along and grab.

This tells you three things.

1. The numbers 1, 2, 3 are not the number of crates but the cost of the cargo. 1 Costs the least amount and 3 is the most expensive.

2. This cargo unlike the commodities market is in Credits not Dollars.

3. You have to have a mule to transport these crates. No exception!

So you decide to buy the cargo and it drops the crates to the ground. The credits will be automatically be removed from your +balance. Look at the crate. It will look something like this:

Cargo - 11940(#11940Tn)
Cargo: Alcohol =>Destination: Ariel<=

A standard cargo container that can hold any number of things. This one in
particular holds Alcohol and is bound for Ariel. It's ID number is 11940.

This object must be dropped on the ground to sell it at a terminal.

=[ Stats ]====================================================================

You paid 82


As you can see this this one goes to Ariel. So now you have to pick up the crate with your mule. To do this look at mhelp. This is the help file for the mule. You should see something like this:

Command List<=
The following commands are available on the M.U.L.E.:

  MHELP - Displays this screen
Drive <Mule ID> - Sets you up as the driver.
Park <Mule ID> - Removes you as the driver.
Ride <Mule ID> - Sets you up as a rider.
Unride <Mule ID> - Removes you as a rider.
Load <cargo ID> - Loads <cargo> on to the M.U.L.E.
Unload <cargo ID> - Unloads <cargo> from the M.U.L.E.
Mdisembark - Causes the M.U.L.E. to disembark from a ship.
Mboard <ship> - Causes the M.U.L.E. to board a ship.

NOTE: You do NOT enter this mule. You perform the DRIVE or the RIDE command
and you will be set up to use the mule. To move simply move to
other rooms as usual, EXCEPT for disembarking and boarding a ship. Ya Hspace *wink*

So you use the command Load 12345 and the mule loads the crate. You take the mule back to the ship and fly to where you want to sell it. The mule cannot mboard if Ship's Security is on.

Once there, you take the mule to the Cargo office. As the cargo vendor will not remove it if it is on your ship. At the Cargo Office you unload your mule and sell the cargo. It will automatically place the sell price into your +balance.

There are a couple of rules.

1. You can only move 3 crates in a 24 hour period but you can carry up to 6 on your ship. This is an honor thing. But if caught breaking the rule, you will be reprimanded. The second time, you will have the profit removed from your account and you will be set suspect. The third time there will be a meeting with Mal about what else can be done.

2. If you forget to load the cargo on the mule and it is gone by the time you remember it, Admin will replace it the first time. After that you are on your own.