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Serenity Mush has an active economy and like all places that buy and sell products, anything can be had for a price. On Serenity Mush we connect buyers and sellers through the person who delivers the products. If you want to be a part of this underworld economy there are a few things you should know.

Unlike the cargo object vendor and the commodities, The black market is illegal. If you are caught with illegal cargo you will be arrested and made to pay a fine. But the rewards are good if you are willing to take the risk. The black market system is both coded and ic.

First you must find someone to sell you the contraband. This can be done in one of two ways. You can ask around ICly. Be careful as the Alliance just might hear you, or you might ask the wrong person. If after a couple of weeks rping trying to find a dealer, you can always +request a scene from plot staff to find one. The second way you might find a job is to check out the Black Market BB. You must have a 40 or more in Culture: Underworld but you could then place a small rumor stating that you were looking to do some jobs for a local dealer. (If you do not have access to the Black Market BB and your Culture: Underworld is higher than 40, you can +request to be added to the board)

There are limits to the amount of black market cargo that you can run in a 24 hour period. It consists of one package or two cargo crates. Even though there may be more than one provider for the ill-gotten booty, you are on your honor not to surpass the limit. If caught the first time you will be given a warning. The second time, the cargo will be confiscated, any profit made will be taken and you will be set suspect. A third time a meeting will be held with Mal to discuss what can be done.

So now you have a name. Someone you need to meet up with to get that package or crate of cargo. You can +wave that person and let them know icly you are interested in meeting with them. This is an in character method of communication. Set up the meeting and if they approve of you, meaning they trust you not to bring down the Alliance on them, you'll get a job. Another option is to go and meet them in person and try to strike up a discreet conversation. It's up to you to be creative in earning their trust. (Please note, you will be expected to pay for black market cargo)

Now you are in possession of your package or a couple of crates of black market cargo. If it is a package you can carry it on your person. You're expected to rp accordingly if you have a package in your possession. You are not allowed to 'pretend' you don't have it ICly. If it is crates of cargo you must use a mule to move it. But where does it go? That is an easy one. It is on the package or on the crates. If it is a package it will look like this:

Small Unmarked Package – 6669(#6669Tn)

Cargo: Illegal Explosives =>Destination: Verbena<=


A standard cargo container that can hold any number of things. This one in

particular holds Illegal Explosives and is bound for Verbena.

It's ID number is 6669.

This object must be dropped on the ground to sell it at a terminal.

=[ Stats ]====================================================================

You paid 487


If it is cargo, it will look something like this:

Cargo - 16476

Cargo: Jewels =>Destination: Athens<=


A standard cargo container that can hold any number of things. This one in

particular holds Jewels and is bound for Athens.

It's ID number is 16476.

This object must be dropped on the ground to sell it at a terminal.

=[ Stats ]====================================================================

You paid 850


Now you know where it goes and how you will get it there. Once you have gotten to the planet where the cargo or package goes, you will need to find the Black Market Cargo Terminal. These cannot be found in the regular cargo office. Usually they are placed in an alley or an out of the way place. It is up to you to locate them.

Once you do the crates or package must be dropped on the ground to be sold. They will not be recognized in your inventory. Drop the package or remove the crates from your mule then look at the terminal. It will look like this:


Black Market Terminal - 19423(#19423TW)

Black Market Dealer =>Verbena<=


Hidden away here is one of the buyers in Black Market goods. This system works

exactly like Cargo, it's just way more risky!

+cargo/sell <Cargo ID> - This command sells the cargo for the amount listed

on the Cargo itself.

=[ NOTE ]=====================================================================

Cargo can only be moved by MULE, so don't buy it unless you have one. Doing so

may leave this cargo here for anyone to come along and grab.


So now you sell your cargo or your package. You have entered into the ranks of the Underworld. Remember what you are doing is illegal. If caught you will be interrogated and then fined (or worse). Black market cargo is like a gateway drug. Be careful that it does not drag you into more nefarious crime.