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news Attributes

Attribute Levels fall along the same line, however if you are 'below average' in an attribute, it means you are starting to become 'handicapped'. Whether that be physical or mental. Average Human is between 30-39 and Above Average between 40-49.

A typical 'PC' would be between 30-49.

Attribute Levels

Greenhorn (or Just Disabled)

Levels Description
0-9 Seriously handicapped. You can't manage this part of your live without help. You'd die.
10-19 Heavily handicapped. Need help, but not deadly.
20-29 Disabled. You have issues and struggle, but can live.


Levels Description
30-39 Average. Not great, but you are not disabled.
40-49 Better than average. Natural inclination
50-69 Gifted. Comes quite naturally.

Big Damn Hero

Levels Description
70-89 Unreal. The genes fell in your favor.
90-110 Not natural.

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