Nevesta Sasha

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Full name Nevesta Alexeivich Sasha
Date of Birth October 30th, 2500
Birthplace Ezra
Parents Alexei Sasha (Father, Deceased) & Dounya Sasha (Mother)
Siblings Alexander (older brother, Deceased)
Pyotr (older brother, Deceased)
Rodya(younger brother)
Michika(younger sister)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Level 1 Security Crew, Crimson Shield Security
Specialization Seduction, Cons, Gunhand
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown/Black eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'8", 141lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home Schooled
Learned Russian in Ezra's ports

Brief Background

  • Nevesta Sasha was born on a ranch on Ezra.
  • Nevesta's father and two older brothers joined the Browncoats at outbreak of the Unification War. All three died at the Battle of Serenity Valley.
  • At the age of eleven, Nevesta began working with a street crew in one of Ezra's crowded nearby ports. Starting out as a pickpocket and informant for a small-time dealer, Nevesta moved up to bigger crime as she got older.
  • Shortly after the war, Nevesta's crew boss was killed by Tovash, one of Niska's middlemen on Ezra. Nevest's services immediately changed over to Tovash's new crew.
  • At the age of 25, Nevesta was transferred to a drug-dealer based on Persephone. Nevesta escaped when the ship got impounded upon landing by Alliance Feds.


Nevesta Sasha has a dark and sensual presence. Dark hair with violet-tinted tips hangs in straight lockss around her face, ending just above her strong but rounded shoulders. Her defined jaw is smooth and meets up with a strong chin that is accented by pouting, lavander-painted lips. High cheekbones draw attention to her dark piercing eyes, which are serious but with an inescapable mirth behind them. Her nose is delicate but strong and ever so slightly crooked from an old break. Her skin is fair with a just a slight hint of a long faded tan. Nevesta stands in a powerful but femine stance, her hips shifted to the side to better emphasize her hourglass shape. Her arms are strong but not exceedingly toned, making them look merely a little thicker than that of the average woman. Most of her movements accentuate her generous 34C chest--correct posture, long and quick strides--which are not her only physical charms. Her waist swells from its slender 23 inches to 34 her inch hips,which meet up with her well-proportioned and meaty derrier in back. Thick, powerful thighs slope into a gentle leg line accentuated by defined calves.

Nevesta’s most common outfit is simple and inexpensive, yet it is elegantly effective at emphasizing all the right parts of her physique. A black bustier-vest cinched tightly over her generous chest both exaggerates her cleavage and keeps them firmly held in place. Dark purple armgloves decorate her powerful arms but leave her shoulders and neckline totally naked for casual admiration. Low cut, tight dark gray jeans leave several inches of her lower belly exposed while also hugging the luscious curves of her legs and butt. Her feet are sensibly clad in dark, worn hiking boots.

Crimson Shield

Nevesta has been employed by Crimson Shield Security services since February 11, 2525. She was hired by Captain Morgan Kendrick, CEO of Crimson Shield and Captain of the Fenrir. Currently operating as a level one security member of Morgan's organziation, Nevesta has yet to show her abilities in actual combat. She's anxious to get some fieldwork under her belt, and the potential hazard pay is a definite incentive for her.

Character Details

  • Nevesta tends towards infrequent but excessive drinking. She usually only drinks when trying to suppress emotions or manipulate others. When she does take to drinking, it's normally scotch and she'll throw them back until the pain stops.
  • Nevesta has an almost unerring tendency to flirt with almost anyone with a pulse. If friendliness is an appropriate tool to manipulate a situation, she'll use it. Sometimes this is more or less genuine, and other times its mostly an act. She's very good at disguising which is which--to others and even to herself.
  • Regarding her own emotions, however, she is much more reclusive and secretive. Nevesta is not generally comfortable with sharing her feelings, and when she does it normally comes in limited amounts, because she is so unaccustomed to sharing.

IC Information

A character may make a Streetwise taskroll at difficulty 60 to learn or recall the following from underworld contacts. If the person has experience on Ezra extending before 2525, make the difficulty 40. A success will yield the following knowledge:

  • Nevesta had been working directly for one of Niska's middlemen on Ezra, a man named Tovash.
  • Nevesta was a known call girl, drug handler, and street level agent.
  • Nevesta was working for a crew on a 'milk run" from Ezra to Persephone, but the ship was impounded by Alliance Feds in early 2525.

Similarly, a character may make a History:Military taskroll at difficulty 60 to recall the following from the Unification War. If the person had first-hand experience in the Battle of Serenity or has access to Alliance military records, make the difficulty 40. A success will yield the following knowledge:

  • Sergeant Alexei Sasha was acting lieutenant on the second day of Serenity Valley, when he was mortally wounded by a sniper.
  • Corporal Alexander Sasha was killed by an Alliance combat skiff while attempting to rescue his dying father.
  • Corporal Pyotr Sasha went MIA, presumed dead, early on the third day of Serenity Valley when he assaulted an Alliance pillbox.
  • Alexei, Alexander, and Pyotr Sasha were all from the same family of ranchers on Ezra.

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