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Full name Neve Edana MacNamara
Date of Birth June 28th, 2498
Birthplace New Shannon, Greenleaf
Parents Aidan and Nora MacNamara (Deceased)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pirate Commonwealth
Specialization Chief of Medicine
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, red hair.
Height and Weight 5'4", 120lbs
Status Active


  • 2498 - Niamh Edana MacNamara born in New Shannon, Greenleaf.
  • 2506 - Unification War begins.
  • 2510 - Parents casualties of an Alliance strike team.
  • 2510 - Niamh lands in the foster care system, renamed Neve by careless social worker.
  • 2511 - Unification Day, the war ends.
  • 2518 - Graduates Thebes University, Osiris, Degrees in Human Biology and Psychology.
  • 2522 - Graduates Osiris MedAcad, Osiris, Doctor of Medicine.
  • 2524 - Joins the crew of the Honour Merriway, host to Master Mandrake's Merry Menagerie.
  • 2525 - Returns to Greenleaf to care for Mai, her sole remaining 'family.'
  • 2528 - Joins the Pirate Commonwealth with Devlin.


An enigmatic mingling of vibrant esprit and subtle delicacy, Neve carries about her an air of freshness and warmth that's as charming as it is natural. At just a scant few inches past five feet, her petite stature may lend to a notion of fragility, though the hint of fire behind her eyes would argue that she's anything but. Tumbling in a gentle cascade of shining waves to a point just beyond her shoulders, her hair is an exquisite autumnal palette of burnished copper and titian silk. Residing beneath the veils of her lashes, her eyes are a striking shade of deep green, mirroring her emotions perhaps a trifle too easily. Her features are classically sculpted, graced with a pale complexion that creates a rich contrast with her fiery tresses.

She tends to favor clothing that leans more toward comfort and practicality, though she still maintains a solid sense of style. Not one to be caught wearing stiletto heels on a grassy lawn, for example. Earthier tones, along with the classics of black and white, comprise much of her wardrobe. Though a far cry from voluptuous, her slender figure possesses curves that, while modest, are still undeniably attractive.


"They say it takes forty-three muscles to frown, but only seventeen to smile. Now, I could argue the anatomical validity of that statement, but really, the sentiment is what counts, right? So I smile. It feels better - and it's contagious at times. Just like laughter. And yawning."

Despite a potentially volatile combination of Irish blood and a dark past, Neve is a fairly laid back and cheerful individual. Her lips are often wreathed in a smile, and she's quick to succumb to (or cause) laughter when the inspiration takes hold. Her sense of curiosity is strong, and tends to get her into mischief on occasion. On the other hand, mischief can be fun in and of itself, given the right circumstances. With a sharp mind and a keen passion for learning, it's rare that Neve will pass up an opportunity to try something new, whether it be hydroponic gardening or fire dancing.

A compassionate soul, the pains of others - whether physical or emotional - easily spur her to action. She simply cannot find it within herself to stand idly by while someone suffers. Perhaps she's simply a caregiver by nature. Perhaps it has something to do with the shadows of her past, which she prefers not to speak of. In truth, the rare glimpses of the young woman's darker moods are, more often than not, brought about by thoughts of or questions regarding her earlier years.


"I am sooo learning how to do this..."