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Jacob Nelson
Full name Jacob Nelson
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Jonathan and Lesa Nelson
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Night Hawk
Specialization Firearms
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Education Information

College, Degree in Catholic Divinity

Military Service

Weaps Officer, ISV Independence <Lt.>, XO ISV Freedom <Lt.Com.>, Capt. Night Hawk <Com.> Independence Naval Forces

Employment History

Captain, Night Hawk

Personal Notes



J. Nelson's history is somewhat filled with holes. Those few who knew him before the war that are still around claim he was a quiet scholar of a man. Always had a kind word for one when passing them by on the street. Always one to help one of his parishioner's out of a jam if needed. They claim the man who came back from the war was not the preacher who left for it. Hell, if one where to even ask him about his old life he tends to tell them that the past should remain in the past. It's all over now, and aint noone who lived through it is really the same.

Now Nelson makes his living in a robin hoodesque style of life. Hitting banks and other institutions that seem to be heavy in Alliance funds, and then redistributing those funds to those he thinks may need it more. Like little out of the way planets or moons.