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Full name Neela "The Cannon" Maksmillion
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Janet and Arellius Maksmillion
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Night Hawk
Specialization Engineering
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Tech, Night Hawk

Personal Notes

At least she's clean here!

Short Physical Description

Neela's a short waifish girl, her brown hair cascading down to her shoulders, often thick and greased because of long nights of work and no play. Occasional grease stains would be seen about her arms, her fingers rough and sometimes peeled raw, just like the palm of her hands. She's slim all around, but well toned, her arms designed to lift the heaviest things and pack a punch when need be.


Much is shrouded in the life of Neela, though what is known to be found on her records is such:

Neela Maksmillion was borne to Mr. and Mrs. Maksmillion. (Date unknown)

At the age of 9, Neela was placed in a containment shelter after parents and stablehands were killed in an unknown incident, leaving her the sole heir of the Maksmillion fortune.

Citing unknown reasons, Neela was released three years after, leaving her to be the age of twelve.

Neela Maksmillion was detained once more for under-aged drinking and inciting a bar brawl at the Silver Vein Tavern.

Neela Maksmillion was released on good behavior. (Age Unknown)

Neela Maksmillion, along with Sacks, (handlename) are wanted in suspicion of conspiracy and sabotage.

The whereabouts of Neela Maksmillion remain unknown.

Currently, Neela serves aboard the Night Hawk, under the care of Captain Nelson.


Neela is nearly a recluse. She spends most of her time working, and if she isn't working, she's spending her time lazing about, drinking. She's prone to violent fits, and is often self destructive, though she's tamed down from being on a solid crew. She's often quiet, nonchalant, cool, and once she gets to know a person, she opens up completely. That would mean that strangers would probably get barely a word unless the situation is dire. She has her simple obsessions, ranging from simply touching things a numerous amount of times, or cleaning until she could see herself in whatever surface that she's cleaned.

She mostly dislikes being touched, and would often times shy away from a person if they try. She also does NOT touch others, preferring to keep her hands to herself or keeping her hands gloved if she has to. Other than that, she could be like a mother hen to her crew if they're on the down and outs, and would go through any lengths to protect them. But not death, self preservation wins out in the end.