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Full name Nathan Chambers
Date of Birth April 11, 2499
Parents Matthew Chambers (Father) & Sophia Chambers (Mother)
Siblings One brother, one sister
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pilot/Medic, Tienlong
Specialization Medic
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue-green eyes, blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'10", 160lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • High School graduate
  • College drop-out
Military Service
  • Four years
Personal Notes

Age: 25

Nathan knows Chinese, & English

Nathan is Hooked on downers, and suffers from a recurring Nightmare


Nathaniel Chambers was born upon the planet of Osiris to a family of middle class; two siblings, and both parents among them. His childhood wasn't uncommon in any way; except for the fact that he was a little brighter than a number of the other children in school and acted out when bored because of it. Throughout his entire life in school he skipped a number of 3 grades in total, and began to act entitled because of it. In his youth he was particularly self absorbed; and would continue to do so until adulthood. He got in trouble on more than one occassion and was nearly kicked out of highschool because of it; than later he was unfortunate to have himself booted out of college at the age of 19.

Not wanting to follow the path of his parents into industry; he instead joined the military and served out his contract of four years. He didn't see any action; but the life experience he gained caused him to mellow out and think more of those around him; leading to a job upon a medical emergency ship right of his previous job.

Nathan took a liking to the crew; and the fit was well. He even began dating one of his fellow coworkers on and off; although most commonly the former. He rarely visited home and considered the crew to be his family for a long time. It was only for two years however; as, when on a call out to the rim, the ship they were attempting to help and their own were boarded by Reavers. Not many survived the following onslaught, and Nathan was among them; although scarred both physically and mentally.

He was questioned first by an Alliance crew that met up with his rescuers on the way back into the Core first; but he went home; staying with his parents, and sometimes his siblings. Until, of course, he snapped at a family gathering; attacking his cousin when mistaking a mask for a real reaver and triggering a bout of PTSD. Afterward he left; luckily not having charges pressed against him just yet, and making his way out of the core and away from most of what he knew all at once.


Apparently in his early twenties and light skinned; he looks to be athletic to a point. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches; and weighs in rather athletically in healthy proportion. He has the definition of muscle in both his torso and arms, as well as his legs; but not so much bulky in such. His eyes are of blue, with the slightest hint of green; causing the conflict of emeralds against a strong and resonant indigo. His hair is dirty blonde and of moderate length; reaching only halfway to the shoulders from the top, and left only naturally parted from one side. He has some stubble, but not a gratuitous amount; far from a beard, it keeps to the structure of such, but only in light density. He has not the build of a body builder; but more so of a cardio centered athlete.

His garb is casual; yet holds a professional tone. He wears a long sleeved, black dress shirt buttoned up at the center, with booth sleeves rolled up past the elbow; at the front of the collar, a white undershirt. A chain is worn around his neck; but the pendants on the end are hidden between the two shirts. His pants are of blue jeans; dark for the most part, and faded only slightly at the knees. The pants are held up by a slim brown belt; with only the most plain of buckles. Upon his feet are a pair of black leather dress shoes; with the grips of hiking boots, and the lacing of such as well.


== Distinguishing Marks ==

Distinguishing Marks: A long and jagged scar at a diagonal angle; moving upward from the small of his back, around his side, and settling just before the right side of his chest. A much smaller scar along the knuckles of his index and middle fingers of his right hand.

Sound Track

  • The Howling - Within Temptation
  • Worker's Song - Dropkick Murphys
  • Bliss - Muse
  • My Time is Now - Danko Jones
  • Coming Undone - Korn
  • First it Giveth - Queens of the Stone Age
  • Phantom Pt. II - Justice
  • Dirty Harry - Gorillaz

Random Facts

  • Chinese Zodiac - Dragon
  • Western Zodiac - Aries
  • Favorite Colour - Blue
  • Favorite Food - Prawns
  • Favored Music - Rock, Metal
  • Favorite Drink - Hard Cider