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Full name Nathaliya Yuri Darsun-Ivankovich
Parents "Father", Mother (Unknown)
Siblings None
Spouse Caprice
Specialization Survival
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes and Blond hair
Education Information

Minimal (Read, Write)

Military Service

No military service.

Employment History
  • Security (Dawn Star)
  • Security (Shu Chang)
  • Security (Richochet Arms)


(As of 25.03.2011)

She stands about 6 feet in height, 1.82 meters, with medium long dirty blonde hair that is cut in such a way as to not fall into her blue eyes, while the strains that could fall into her face are tucked up behind the string that keeps a pair of simple welding goggles up on her forehead. Her build is very slender with almost no trace of unnecessary fat on her body. She almost looks skinny. Fortunately is her her skin is colored in a deep tan and muscles are just barely rippling underneath. Still she doesn't seems to weigh more than about 75 Kg, most probably less. She is wearing a white and green camouflage tank top, which has taken on a more brown and green shade over the time. Her bared arms are slender, almost feminine if it weren't for the many tiny silvery scars that cover both of her arms.

Her belly is quite flat and one can almost make out the muscles below it thanks to the tight fitting top. Her long legs are covered by a pair of wide pants with dozens of pockets, that are held up and together by a brown leather belt. The pants, which seem to have originally been green some time ago, are now more of a tone of dirty brown with washed out green somewhere in between. Finally are her feet clad in a pair of sturdy and heavy boots, that fit surprisingly well, and into which the lower end of the pants are tucked in.


Born on Regina to a Prostitute was Nathalie given soon to her father, as her mother didn't want to keep her. Her father, a miner, didn't make enough money to feed himself and her properly, while also spending the rest of the money on booze and prostitutes. Yet they made it for years until Nathalie was old enough to walk, that was when she had to get food herself just like the other kids.Hunting rats for a living was easy business, there were enough of the beasts and they were sometimes quite fat.

However, in each life comes a time when the childhood has to be tossed aside and one has to face the uncertain grim future. That time came upon Nathalie as well, just like the rest of the kids, as she was eventually old enough to finally work in the mines. It was more dangerous work, but it paid better. A tiny bit. Unless you had to rent the mining equipment, which everyone had to. Before the mining work was the life of Nathalie filled with the bright sun and the muddy streets of the planet, but now she was plunged into the darkness of the Mines, surrounded by the shrill workings of machines, cursing miners and the sound of rocks hitting other rocks.

In this darkness was she she almost killed the first time in her life, a machine accident almost gutted her and she barely survived. After this incident she was not deemed healthy enough to work in the mines anymore, as she couldn't hold the mining equipment as well as before and the recovery time was to long. So her pay was cut, fortunately for her had she already saved enough money to buy herself off passage from her homeplanet and try her luck somewhere else.

And so she left her home, her planet, her father, the mud, her friends and the darkness of the mines behind, to travel into the dark void of the 'verse to see where she would end up.




Matitie Engineer Extraordinary
Caprice Beloved Wife
Cricket Chirping Engineer
Athini Doctor Feelgood

Personal Quirks

She has a strong attraction to alcohol, seeming to like Whiskey but generally preferring Vodka.

She also has a strong Russian accent whenever she talks.

There is one big scar running over her left side, from her hip upwards over her ribs towards her armpit.


Alternative Picture (Unfortunately Copyrighted, hence the link to it) [1]


Sabaton - Masters of the World

Sabaton - Back in Control

Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone

Vanilla Ninja - Tough Enough

RTPN - Pulse

The Cruxshadow - Sophia

Korpikliaani - Vodka

Frozen Synapse Soundtrack -Focus

30 Seconds to Mars - This is War

Linking Park - Across the Line

Dope - Motivation

Dope - Dreaming

Dope - I'm Back

Megadeth - Public Enemy #1

Skillet - Alive and Awake

Mell - Red Fraction

Blue Stahli - Corner

Blue Stahli - Doubt

Nightcore - Citizen Soldier


"What medicine does not heal, the gun will. What the gun does not heal, fire will."

"Who here is willin' to die rather than give up on the mission? One, two, three, four… Okay, you five fail. Counter to what some dingbats will tell you, the latter is actually the preferred option."

"If all negotiations fail, that's when you pull out your gun and you shoot the fucker. If that don't work, you shoot it again, because ninety-nine times outta a hundred, shootin' will work if you do enough of it."


"He wouldn't have run if he wasn't guilty."

"That might have been because you threatened him with your gun."


"You then shot him in the knee."



"He still had a pair of good working arms."

"Then you got out your sniper rifle and told him he had a 2 minute headstart before you'd start shooting of his important parts."

"It was a fair amount of time."

"You then shot him in the back after only 20 seconds of him -crawling- away!"

"I admit, that might have been a bit mean spirited."

"Don't you think you were a bit harsh?"


"Well, it was just practice."

"Well, I was practicing! Practicing being awesome!"

"Bring a knife to a fistfight, a gun to a knife fight, grenades to a gunfight — oh, hell, if you know where it's going to be beforehand, mine the area. If all else fails, there's your friend, the air strike."

"A blade in my left, a gun in my right. To beat you within, an inch of your life.~"

"Just cause you are the Captain doesn't mean you can order me to.. Oh right. Damn. It does."

"All this sucking up and kissing asses. Ugh."

"Its called Diplomacy."

"My Method is far quicker and direct."

"Yes and it causes Wars."

"War is a valid form of Diplomacy."

"As the size of the explosion increases, the number of social situations it is incapable of solving approaches zero."

"We don’t steal from allies, or potential allies. If it’s enemy equipment however we take anything not bolted down and bring bolt-cutters just in case."

"On the ground.. are those.. mines?"

"Don't worry, they only explode if you step on 'em."

"And he's all 'We don't like people who ask questions.'

And I'm like 'So you get by solely on declarative statements?'"

"Kevlar, not cleavage. Safe trumps sexy."

"That which does not kill me, had better run away damned fast"

"I am heavily armed, easily bored, and off my medication"

"Point-and-click means you're out of ammo"

"If we were any more screwed, we'd be having a cigarette and enjoying the afterglow!

"My favorite approach to solving problems? 'Overkill!' and 'Kneecaps!'"

She gestured to the knife and the pillow.

"Your call on which one I use to kill you," she said.

So many body parts, so few bullets. Let's begin with the kneecaps. No fun dancing without them.

Woman: You can't give her that! It's not safe!

Nathalie: It's a gun. It's not meant to be safe.

Woman: She's a child!

Nathalie: It's educational.

Woman: What if she shoots herself?

Nathalie: That will be an important lesson.

Rule 4: If you have a secret, the best thing is to keep it to yourself. The second-best is to tell one other person if you must. There is no third best.

Rule 9: Never go anywhere without a knife.

Rule 16: If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.

Rule 36: If it feels like you're being played, you probably are.

Rule 40: If you think that someone’s out to get you, they are.

Rule 42: Don't ever accept an apology from someone that just sucker-punched you.

Rule 45: Clean up your messes.

  • leaves behind a note on a bomb*

Note says: “And remember. Its always the red wire.

  • The bomb only has red wires*

Note #2 inside said bomb says: “I’m a miserable Psycho. I know. Love, Nat.”

"I'm Russian. I know how to handle hung-over people."

Nathalie: If I whistle I can have 2 more people as backup coming. Mugger: Hah! If I whistle I can have more than 30 people at my call! Whatcha gonna do!? Nathalie: Then I and my friends would fire ten shots each, and go home.

Nathalie: I am louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny!

Of course, a psychologist might say that my reluctance to rely on the Governmental Forces stemmed from a deep seated distrust in people of authority. But since I have yet to meet a psychologist who sees mild paranoia as a survival mechanism rather than a problem, who cares what they think?