Nataliya Obukov

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Nataliya, "Tali"
Full name Dr. Nataliya Nikitchna Obukov
Date of Birth 30 Sep 2495
Parents Lord Nikita and Lady Anya Obukov
Siblings None Surviving
Spouse Unmarried
Specialization Surgeon
Gender Female
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service



Standing at perhaps 5' 10" and somewhere along the range of 140lbs, she wears her emotions on her cuffs. Her hair is long and straight, trailing down to her waist, with errant strands of ebony black that stray around her face. Her eyes are placed evenly above high, aristocratic cheekbones, the pale blue of them and her full, red lips offsetting the delicate white skin.

Black boots cover her feet, presumably stretching up to mid-calf from the look of them. The cuffs of her black, straight cut trousers keep one from actually confirming this, but they just seem to be that style. A sturdy belt of brown leather pulls tight about her waist. Tucked into the waist of said trousers is a simple white cotton blouse, tight enough to show off her curves, loose enough to be comfortable and not overly distracting. Her ensemble is finished off with a light, brown vest of heavy wool, pockets at the breasts and insides for oddments.


Nataliya Nikitchna Obukov was born to a noble house on Londinium, but due to personal dissatisfaction (and ignoring the commands of her father) she was disowned and lost any rights to the title. She graduated from her medical training as a surgeon with honors, and booted about for several years before eventually winding up on the Bonaventure, never expecting it to become more of a home and family, but certainly not complaining about her good fortune.


In most situations dealing with Alliance or nobility, Nataliya acts with propriety. Anything else, she has to learn the hard way, and is still quite naive. Without Jasmine to guide her, and the others to protect her, she'd surely be fodder for anyone wanting to use or abuse her. At the same time, she trusts her partner's judgment, even when Jasmine doesn't trust it herself.