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Full name Countess Naomi (pronounced "Nomi") Fawzy, Lady of Verbena
Date of Birth January 22nd, 2500
Parents Mother:Deceased Father:Samuel (Isamu) Ida - Owner of Jade Dragon Corporation
Spouse His Excellency, Count Salin Fawzy, of Sihnon, Lord of Verbena
Children Ethan Damian Fawzy (DOB: 10 Mar 2530)
Specialization Trader (& Translator/Linguist)
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Ebony hair/Obsidian eyes
Height and Weight 5' / 97 lbs
Status Active
Employment History

Currently: Starke Industries, (formerly Black Wolf Enterprises), President & CEO ~ Previously: Red Angel, (Operations Chief), then Valiant, (Executive Officer)



Naomi was born on Santo to Samuel Ida, a rich hotel/casino magnate who had carried on with the family business, the Jade Dragon Corporation. When things were very difficult on Santo due to the war, her father made a deal with the Syndicate and sold them shares in his company to keep things going. Things went to hell in a handbasket - at least morals-wise. The Casinos and hotel chains became home to all manners of legal and illegal pleasures. Though her father tried to shield her from it, Naomi saw it all. She didn't always *partake* in it all ... having a very healthy respect for her own preservation. But there were some close calls. She has "old eyes" as a result of her experiences.

Her father made sure she had every luxury that money could buy. He also ensured that she was well-educated and she developed an affinity for languages at a very early age. As a result, she knows several quite fluently and is very good at mimicking accents and spoken mannerisms after hearing them once or twice. She was also trained in martial arts for her own self-defense. And considering what she's seen and where she's been, it's a good thing, too. At the age of 22, she decided it was time to leave home and seek out her own fortune. So with her father's blessing, that's what she's done.

It's possible the Syndicate knows of her existence. If so, they have yet to make contact with her. So far, she's kept any trading/cargo duties on the up and up.


After being on Persephone for a little while, this young woman with a definite addiction to good coffee, found herself a job as the Operations Chief aboard Daniel Wallace's ship, the Red Angel. From there, she moved on to become the Executive Officer of the Valiant under Captain Teller Monro. Unfortunately though, Teller went missing - and with no Captain, the Valiant began to flounder. Seeing no way around it, and wanting the Valiant to go to a good home, Naomi proposed selling it to Salin Fawzy, since it had once been his personal ship. When he accepted, Naomi found herself suddenly at loose ends. That's when Salin offered her a job. So it is that she came to be Black Wolf Enterprises' Director of Operations - a position that simply took her previous job of cargo running ... and expanded upon it. And after she'd proven herself in that capacity, the company's CEO - where she now uses her previously untapped organization and delegation skills. It's certainly a bigger challenge than any she's had in her life, but she's enjoying every moment of it. It is from this association that she and Salin got to know one another better. And in a quiet evening ceremony officiated by Salin's cousin, Damian Carmichael, they were wed on Mar 19, 2529.

She's very good at bargaining for the best prices on cargo - both selling and buying. Most of the cargo offices have staff that know her by name. Those that speak languages other than Chinese or English, also know that she can, more likely than not, converse with them in their own language. And with very little if any trace of an accent, too. She has a good ear for that sort of thing. She occasionally brings them little presents of food items and entertainment data chips to make their days pass a bit more pleasantly. Many of them look forward to her visits. She's especially known on Verbena, Paquin and Boros. Those visits are fewer now that she's based on Bellerophon with Starke Industries, but she still does make time to travel from time to time.

Her heritage is obviously of mixed Caucasian/Asian ancestry. Those that know her father and that hear her last name, will quickly realize that on her father's side, that ancestry is Japanese. Her mother, now deceased, was English.


She is a slight woman at barely five feet, but there is an air of authority about her that makes her appear a bit older... perhaps even taller than she actually is. Long blue black hair frames the exotic contours of her face and then sweeps down over her slender shoulders to fall in gleaming waves down her back. Large and startling dark, almost obsidian eyes gaze out at the world with a mixture of constant, languid amusement and a kind of ageless ... knowledge, despite her apparently young age. She is full of contradictions. Her face is angular but striking, with high cheek bones, thin, arching brows, flawless skin and full lips currently painted a glistening peachy pink in color. Her heritage appears to be a mixture of Asian and Caucasian - though it's hard to tell how much of each might be involved.

She's wearing a lovely black blouse that resembles a kimono in some ways ... though it dips low in the front, is short sleeved, and ends above her midriff. Not really very kimono like, except for the obviously Asian design of it and the soft, lined silk of its fabric. The one button that holds everything closed is silver, the design around it resembling a kind of four pointed star - almost like a snowflake. Slung low on the gentle swell of her hips, is a pair of gray trousers made out of a still soft, but slightly thicker material, belling out slightly at the bottom. She wears black heels that aren't really all that high, but do end in a rather wicked point - both at the toe and at the heel. Her movements are almost mesmerizing to watch - every footstep, turn of her head and gesture, seemingly made with careful consideration and unconscious grace.