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Full name Aoife Byrne
Date of Birth April 14, 2502
Parents Roary and Sylvia Byrne
Siblings Jason Byrne (deceased)
Assignment Ship/RIT
Specialization Music, Electronics, Marksmanship, Insanity
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'5"/130 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information

Self-educated, a (failed) semester at Persephone Institute of Technology. In an almost skewed form of military training, Nano developed certain 'survival skills,' across a dozen planets, ranging from cooking, all the way down to marksmanship.

Employment History

The Guan Yin, The Baba Yaga, The Spitfire, The Arctic Raider


Rather scruffy, and almost androgynous-- to the point that she was able to 'pass' once, as a boy, trying to (as she so elegantly put it) 'figure some shit out.' Insert James Bonde theme here.

Personality and Demeanor

Craaaaaaaazy. I mean, really. But there are a few things that seem to 'set her off' as it were, more than others;

-Guns and/or loud noises. While she might be perfectly content being a noisebox herself, anything she's not expecting will 'spook' her, so to speak.

-Heights. For whatever reason, Nano's damned scared of being higher than she needs to be. However, when going in excess of four feet of her own volition, it's not so bad.

-Reavers. That's a tricky one. Talk of Reavers will turn her into a shivering mass. But actually meeting one...?

In each case, she'll react in any way, shape, or form that'll help her escape the situation. This can range the gamut from blowing everything away, or even herself, all the way down to harmless singing, and playing math games to distract herself

Current Employment

OOC Information

She's dead. If you'd like more information regarding Nano, or maybe the possibility of contacting either her parents, or maybe another family member, feel free! Otherwise...yeah, Nano's dead.