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Nakita 'Niki'
Full name Nakita Venizelos
Date of Birth December 21, 2499
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Taddeo Venizelos (General, Alliance Military. Veteran: Retired)

Adara Venizelos (Lieutenant, Alliance Military. Veteran: Honorably Discharged)

Siblings Twin: Nieander Venizelos (Corporal, Alliance Military. Active)
Spouse N/A
Assignment Chief Engineer of the Dochasan Lasair
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Light Brown

Dark Brown

Height and Weight 5'10" (1.77 m)

152 lbs (68.9 kg)

Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History


Personal Notes

Medical Notes: Mild Allergy to Dog Hair, Hemophiliac, Bloodtype A+


Nakita appears to be extremely polite and very understanding of those around her. She is one to listen and watch her surroundings before speaking or reacting. In social situations she tends to be rather talkative and does not mind to mingle with those around her. She is not one to be skittish from a confrontation and can be stubborn in her views. However, as she has learned over time, she knows when to keep herself in check.


Nakita has a fine shape for someone of her height, a friendly curve that compliments her figure well. Olive colored skin has no visible blemishes except a light beauty mark that dots her left cheek. Her chestnut brown hair reaches down to the small of her back and is very wavy when she lets it loose.

She does not usually wear make-up, though if there is a special occasion she can be seen with small amounts on. She has no real accessories except for a small silver chain around her neck with a heart-shaped turquoise pendant resting just under her throat.

Recent History

Nakita was left stranded on Persephone... her charitable nature stretching her pockets thinner then even she anticipated. It's been about a week of her ghosting around the town, until recently she has found work on the Dochasan Lasair.


Nakita's family has been born and raised on Londinium since Earth-That-Was. It has kept its strong Greek Bloodline through arranged marriages between several families. Her parents were strict, and offered their children a firm love. Nakita was born the second of twins, the first being her brother Nieander. Her Hemophilia was discovered at a young age and her parents knew that their daughter could never continue the military lifestyle her family had.

With their families steady wealth, they were never worried about what would happen with their daughter because they knew she could always be happy. It was discussed briefly she become a companion but the idea was dismissed as soon as other families began to request meetings for marriage arrangements. Instead, her mother decided she'd groom her daughter in the arts and make her a social butterfly.

However, Nakita's intelligence and her own ambitions would steer her otherwise. Though she kept her mother's lessons close to heart, the teen found herself following the path of the technician. She had always enjoyed the trips with her parents to naval bases and the sort of ships she would see in hangars and get to go into and her perfect memory allowed her to easily learn how to repair such things. She was able to memorize full blueprints after a first reading. This talent was valued in her, funded by the military, she was taught the ways of an engineer.

Both parents have served in the Alliance Military. Her mother was honorably discharged in 2511 with the rank of Lieutenant, her father remaining part of the military after the war with the rank of Captain. However, Nakita was slowly growing tired of the routine. With the history she learned and the stories whispered, she felt that the Alliance had been in the wrong, but this she kept buried within herself. After all, her parents would not hear any of it, and she had a wedding to prepare for in the coming months. But then again, it was not one she was very willing to have but understood her family and her duty.

The wedding would not come to pass however and Nakita's life would change. In 2518, Nakita decided to leave her parents, disowning them and the Alliance and essentially running away. She began a search for her brother, knowing he was in one of the Military academies of the Core Worlds, but she had to cut it short because her father was using his military influence to try and intercept her. So she fled to the Border Worlds, talking her way onto a ship to be a technician for free as long as they kept her hidden and that they did. After a month of unsuccessful attempts at her arrest, Taddeo declared his daughter was dead and had a funeral to cover up her runaway as a way to retain his families honor.

Since then Nakita's life has been that of a drifter, never looking for a solid job but instead offering her services to those who need it, a sort of penitence for her family and the Alliance and the things she felt were done wrong by them. She has been to a dozen of different worlds and has met many people but she always seems to easily drift from place to place, allowing her work to leave its mark but never herself.