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Full name Nadya Karoli
Date of Birth August 11,2505
Parents Demetrius & Elaina Karoli
Siblings Damek(45), Dannika(42), Ion(41), Nicholai(39), Natalya(34), Lilia(31), Marek(31), Casimire(27),Malia(23)
Spouse None
Children Katiya Neva Karoli(12)
Assignment Romany Beylix Clan
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Violet/Brown
Height and Weight 5 ft./100lbs.
Status Active
Employment History

Short Conceptual

A young mechanic, in search of work. Having lived a sort of sheltered life, she's rather naive about the rest of the 'verse around her.



Born and raised on her family's ship, Nadya was forced by her family, to lead a rather sheltered life. Nadya and her 9 other siblings, lived, played and were "home" schooled, on the family's Firefly. The only times Nadya and her siblings were allowed off ship, was when they stopped at planets where any of the other Romany clans resided. And even then, they were only allowed out, if they were under the careful watch of their parents. Her parents feared theur children would interact with gadje and they would be currupted. Nadya's parents taught her that gadje were untrustworthy and only sought to do harm to the Romany. They would go so far as to make up tales to tell the children, which showed the gadje, in a particularly horrible light.

One evening, when Nadya was ten years old, her brother Nicholai, snuck off ship, alone. After that night, he was never seen or heard from, again. Her parents told Nadya and her siblings, that he was likely kidnapped by the "evil" gadje and that it happened because he was disobedient, and he got what he deserved. From that point on, Nadya was literally terrified of anyone who was non-Romany. So much in fact, that any time she was near one, she would tremble and shake, and could barely bring herself to look at them.


While growing up, Nadya became fascinated with the inner workings of ships, curious to know how they worked and what kept them running. As a result of this curiosity, her father, began teaching Nadya everything he knew. It wasn't long before Nadya became responsible for being the ship's mechanic and took care of the needed upkeeping and maintenance. It was something that she loved doing, and often times, she preferred to sleep in the engine room, being lulled to sleep, by the various sounds of the ship.


When she was around 18 years old, things changed for Nadya. She began to question everything her parents had told her and decided that she wanted to leave her family and try to find her own way. This terribly upset and angered her parents. However, she decided to proceed with her plans and took herself to Paquin, in search of some work, hoping to secure herself a position aboard another ship.

It was on Paquin, that she met Chovian, and he offered her a position aboard his ship, the Bengalo Draba as a mechanic. She gladly accepted, though she was only there for about a month, before she was picked up on Paquin, by a slaver group who were out to take young, Romany girls. Soon after being taken, she ended up in the hands of a slaver, named Iris Snow. Not long after her "breaking" period, Iris chose Nadya to be trained as her second in command. For over a year, Nadya spent day and night with Iris, developing a teacher/apprentice relationship.

There came a point when Iris deciced that she no longer wanted to live the life of a slaver and wanted to lead a more straight, normal life, she took Nadya with her on her ship, the Dark Iris and made Nadya her executive officer. It was not long after this, that Iris took Nadya with her, to return a small group of the Romany girls back to their families on Paquin. It was there, that Nadya was recognized by Chovian. But, because of her strange behavior, it was unclear as to whether or not she had taken sides with the enemy. Nadya left with Iris that night, now conflicted as to whether or not she wanted to return home, or remain with the woman.

A few days later, a man by the name of Crow, approached Iris about the return of his sister, who was among the girls who were taken. During that conversation, Iris told Crow that if Nadya wished to return to Paquin, she could go with him. After long consideration, Nadya made the difficult decision to return back to Paquin and to leave Iris. She and Crow left, with the promise to Iris, that if Nadya ever decided to return to Iris, Crow would personally see that she was safely brought back.


A short time after Nadya returned to Paquin, she learned that she was nearly three months pregnant. THe father, was Iris' son, Jonathan. Deciding that it would be best for both she and her child, Nadya chose to remain with the Romany on Paquin, rather than return to Iris and Jonathan. She now is trying to find a life for herself and prepare for the arrival of her child.




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