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Everybody makes references to some modern product or company in the Serenity Verse. It helps give RP more color if you're drinking "Som-No-Mor" rather than "Energy Drink". This place is for listing products and companies that people have invented during their RP here.

Food and Drink


See the Som-No-Mor page.

Cortex Shows

Persephone Practice

A comedy about a law-firm based on Persephone. Known for having several washed-up science fiction stars on the cast.

Ma'at's Feather

A well-produced legal drama just finished its fourth season (autumn 2526). Filmed on location in Osiris' capital city.

Horus' Eye

A 'news' program featuring hostess Elvira Meara, whose hair color changes dramatically, often, and without notice. Poor, single-sided reporting and fearmongering are common. Samantha Blond is the anchoress assigned to report on Bubastis, the nexus of Red Lion Industries.

Thoth's Record

The most reputable news program Osiris has to offer. Its main news anchor, a handsome man in his late fifties named Afzal Chakroun, is the face and voice of reason on the Osiris cortex.

Textual Media

Osiris Pyramid

A tacky gossip rag based on Osiris with aggressive paparazzi.

Schools and Daycares


A daycare center on Santo. With their motto, "Color outside the lines" they encourage kids to be creative and keep a very loose set of rules.

St. Claire Orphanage

An orphanage set on a large starship and operated by the kind-hearted but secretive widower, Gregoire St. Claire. It's known to have one of the highest turnover rates for adoptions in the 'Verse and is involved in several child-oriented charities.