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The Man

Full name: Mycol Patrick Reamer
Date of Birth: March 31st, 2490
Gender: Male
Born On: Newhall
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 189 lbs
Handedness: Right
Bloodtype: O Positive
Parents: Douglass and Karen Reamer
Siblings: None
Spouse:Widowed, Melissa Reamer
Children: David Reamer, Deceased
Assignment: Mechanic, Valiant
Specialization: Mechanic/Martial Arts
Nicknames: Myke, Thumper (Alliance Callsign)

Education Information

  • Newhall Primary and Secondary School, graduated 2508
  • Mechanical School on Persephone

Military Service

  • 2506 - Joined the Alliance in 2508 on April 2nd.
  • Completed Training Oct 5th 2508, assigned to the 7th Armored Cavalry, 15th TAC. Promoted at Commander's urging to Sergeant E5. Refused OCS.
  • Awarded Silver Star for actions preserving the Line of battle in Jan 2509 on the battle of the Broken Plains.
  • Awarded Purple Heart Febuary 17th 2509.
  • Awarded Bronze Star for courage under fire, Battle of the Galeons, May 2509
  • Awarded Bronze Star for risking the Life of himself and the Armor he commanded to save wounded trapped in the Battle of Yelm March 2510 Promoted at the same time to Master Sergeant (E6)
  • Awarded Meritorious Conduct and Service Award at War's Conclusion.
  • Discharched April 7th, 2512

Post War Service/Employment

  • Went to school. There he learned Martial Arts and Engines. 2512
  • Took on odd jobs on Persephone as a Mechanic after Graduation in 2515
  • took on a job as a Mechanic on the Valiant in 2524

Personal Rules to Live by:

  • Rule Number One: If it isn't Broken DON'T TOUCH IT!!
  • Rule Number Two: If it is Broken, Kick it first.
  • Rule Number Three: Listen to the world around you, it tells you much.
  • Rule Number Four: A good roundhouse might solve your immediate problem but remember he probolly has friends.
  • Rule Number Five: Always bring a bigger weapon than the other guy.
  • Rule Number Six: Teach what you know, explore what you are taught.
  • Rule Number Seven: Never leave a freind behind.
  • Rule Number Eight: If you want to lay with a woman take her to your bed.
  • Rule Number Nine: If you want to Woo a woman, do it on teh Dance floor.
  • Rule Number Ten: Computers are nifty, but sometimes it's all about the basics.

Things of Note:

  • Does not openly Discuss his actions during the War.
  • He acts the ladies Man.
  • Enjoys Engines. Alot
  • Dances.
  • Plays Go.


The Myth:

Mycol was born on Newhall to Commander Douglass Reamer and Dr. Karen Reamer. He is the only child, and grew up the typical Military Brat. He never really wanted for anything. His Father having high rank in the Military, and his mother being a doctor he had plenty of food, good education, and plenty of friends. Compared to the rim and even some on the Core Worlds, he had a good life.
When War broken out in 2506 he fell into line with all the Hype. He believed all the propoganda posters, and when he finished schooling in 2508 he immediately enlisted. His father pulled strings to get him into the Officers Academy, but he refused. Wanting to earn his way on his own shoulders. the Commander respected that but still passed papers down through the ranks promoting him to a Sergeant. Mycol learned the trade of war at Boot Camp along with everyone else and when he came out, he was a full fledged Tanker of the 15th Tactical Armored Corp of the 7th Armored Cavalry.
He fought like a wild man to protect the men of his squad earning him three medals and a bullet wound. He turned down every offer from his Father to go to OCS and leave the life of a soldier on the front line. And there were many. One of the Soldiers he met in his unit was a young woman by the name of Melissa Day. The two became fast friends, and eventually lovers. They were wed and given leave.
Melissa became pregnant during the honey moon, a happy accident as Mycol called it, and was transfered to a light duty station. Meanwhile Mycol continued to fight in the war with the 15th. When the child was born, Mycol was given leave again and the child was named David Ryan Reamer. Relictantly Mycol returned to the war, and continued to serve the Alliance with distinction.
Toward the end of the war, just after David's first birthday, a squadron of Independant Fighters snuck past Alliance lines and atacked the base where Melissa was performing light duty. There were no survivors. This devastated the young Mycol. He was given Leave which he took to bury his family, but returned early despite pleas form his Parents to take some time for himself. Instead he threw himself back into the war, determined to end it.
The war ended just one month later. He continued his term of service and was honorably discharged in April of 2512. He went to school and chose the first thing that his finger touched for instruction. An Engine. He studied hard ignoring the outside world except for reclessly flirting with women, and learned his trade as best he could. A friend in his classes noticed the pain in the young man's eyes and took him with him to some Martial Arts training.
It was through this instruction that Mycol learned to put the war behind him. The Independant Soldiers who killed his family were jsut following orders. The Alliance had punished those responsible, the Leaders at war's end. He moved on. He studied, he learned, he enjoyed the presence of women, but never again let anyone get close to his heart. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.
After he graduated from College, he took odd jobs on Persephone but he found himself always looking up. Until one day he quit his current job and went for a walk. Finding a posting for an opening as a Mechanic on the Valiant. He took the Job. Where he is now.