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Population 3.5 million
Terraformed 2440
Sim. Status Not coded yet
Type Planet
Class Rim
Orbit Third from Blue Sun

Although Muir is mostly a farming planet they export almost no produce. Instead choosing to use it on planet or shipping it to the moon of Shepherd's Mission. The major city is Muir City and has a population of 500,000. The second city is Carson at 100,000 as of the 2520 census. It is made up of mountains and valleys with large oceans making up approximately 40 percent of the land mass. The mountains are heavily forested and the valleys are made up of co-operative farms.

Shepherd's Mission has a huge mining complex underground with only minimal terraforming above ground. The small size of Shepherd's Mission makes holding an atmosphere difficult and very expensive. Gravity is manufactured to a small degree. Metals are mined and processed before being shipped to Muir for export.

The moon Arminius has just recently been terraformed and opened to settlers. There are no known settlements at this time. And only some speculation as to mineral rights.