Moxie Guevara

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Full name Moxie Guevara
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Free Lance Artist
Specialization Artist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green, Black & Blue
Height and Weight 5'7"
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • TBA
Military Service
  • No military service.



(Give me some time! I'll think up something.. soon..)

Brief Background


Moxie stands at a height of only 5'7", though trim and slender is her form. Youthful features evident, she appears young in age, perhaps in the age frame of early twenties. From the crown of her head down, jet black hair flows straight down to mid-back. There are streaks of bright blue and purple through the locks of black hair. Large, soft green eyes dominate her face beneath a wealth of lashes, emphasized by slight curved eyebrows. Her eyes are emphasized by black eyeliner, and a sweep of grey/black eyeshadow in a dramatic style. Her skin is a almost unnatural pale to it yet has the appearance of almost of a powdery snow. Ripe lips curve softly possessing a plum colour onto them.

Small shoulders curve gently over the upper physique. About her neck in an oval is a silver circle of cloth. The material could almost be called velvet, though it appears more like fur. This is sewn unto a black tank top of plain design. Simplistic black with no words or design save upon the back. There one can find a large ankh printed on the material in red, black designs on the interior of this design. Above this tank top she wears a thin black vest. This is made of material a bit thicker, though probably just multiple layers of silk. Upon the left breast of this vest is a small skull design, laughing with four large teeth poking at the air. It almost appears as if it could jump forth at any time and exist. The flawless ivory flesh dips with each curve flowing down into the arms. On her right bicep there is a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat from the earth-that-was, extending his middle finger. Over her hands she wears a pair of thin leather gloves made from a shimmering matte black material. Around her waist one could find a thin belt, small silver studs wrapping around the exterior. Upon coming to meet at the front a belt clasp with a large skull on it. From the belt down trails black silken material. Neatly folded in areas and pressed there, sewn into the folds, it makes an admiral piece of tailoring. Yet a long slit runs up the right side with thin black threads keeping it from flying about. Upon each thread is a small pin looking skull, all of them silver with tiny rubies in the eyes. In a clash between formal and completely casual, these boots thread the line well. They start at her theigh and travel down her legs to cover even her feet. They could be taken as boots made of leather or vinyl. The material is sleek and shiny with zippers running up the sides for removal. The foot ends with a steady point straight out, making them appear almost uncomfortable. Yet she seems to move about in them fine.


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Distinguishing Marks