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Full name Michael "Mickey Mouse" Hopkins
Date of Birth September 13th, 2502
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Michael and Ariel Hopkins
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Operations - Tienlong
Gender Male
Height and Weight 5' 7"/143lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Complete
  • Some correspondence courses in engineering and mechanics
Employment History
  • Street musician
  • Operations - Tienlong

Spoiled rich Ariel kid, not quite noble. His family is pro-alliance family, and that much has rubbed off on him, but other than that he tries deliberately not to be too much like his parents, though he still keeps in touch with at least his father. Good at fixing stuff, after some breaking it first, good at music in general.


A tall, somewhat lanky boy who can't be more than in his late teens. Short, red-brown hair that seems to form into pseudo-spikes almost naturally, with little help from him or from a professional. He has green eyes, and a pale complexion. On his chin is a small goatee of the same colour as his hair. He's not the most charismatic man in the world, probably due in part to his age. He carries himself in a somewhat dignified fashion, as though he believes himself to be better than most of those around here.


Family History

Michael lived with his birth parents, upper-class wannabe nobles, living in a manor on Ariel. Pro-Alliance, they supported Unification, as did Michael, and he still does, although he was only 8 by the time the war ended. His mother worked as a nurse at St. Mary's hospital. (She is now retired) The only traits inherited from Ariel Hopkins were her eyes, and her perception and memory. (Strangely enough) If it is to be said that the Hopkins family was eccentric, then surely most of this eccentricity came from the male side of the family.

Before he Left (Pre-PC)

After he Left (Active)