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Full name Morena "Morrie" Luz
Birthplace Ezra
Parents Maria Luz (deceased) & Alejandro Luz
Siblings Many
Spouse Unknown
Children None
Assignment Captain, La Paz
Specialization Fighting & Bossing
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'10", 155
Status Inactive
Employment History

La Paz, Spitfire, Montenegro, La Alma, La Llorona

Mi Vida Loca


Morena Luz was born on Ezra, and grew up with a massive family of distinctly Browncoat bent, though first and foremost they were out for each other, stealing, taking, winning, or cheating whatever it was they could get to bolster the ranks of la familia.

"Well, you figure us kids were all raised by aunts and uncles just as much as by Mama y Papa. It takes a clan of shifty brigands ta raise kids like us. We mostly turned out ta be pirates, mercenaries, an' thieves. We ain't bad people, you understand. Just liberal with the application of th' business end of weapons'n bad moods."

Blah blah, lie cheat steal, blah blah. The sheer volume of brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, and friends of the family forced the kids to grow up fast and learn to protect their own. Morena rose to the top her fair share of times. As she got older, stronger, and picked up a few tricks and weapons, the averages increased. Though a confluence of events and a string of affairs, Morrie's love of language grew, and she learned to not only speak several others taught by lovers and friends, but also learned to hide that tell tale rhythm that coming from a rough and tumble planet lends to your words. Still, sometimes, she'll use it to her advantage. Rough ain't always bad.

"You know what life's like on that rock, you know you defend what you got or you ain't gonna have it long. You figure that's compounded by growin' up with a buncha rough cousins who specialize in takin' shit apart, swappin' out pieces, and puttin' em together again so they ain't traceable and you pretty much got my family--a blood-related low brow chop shop full of thugs and mercenaries. They're how I got my first three ships. Pretty much how I lost 'em too. Here's how it went, startin' at the ripe ol' age of 26, when I finally got off that rock."

Into the Black

La Llorona

"La Llorona. Such an ill fated name. Dang thing sprung a leak, fried, and nearly took the whole crew with it when it popped a compressor during a tricky docking procedure. Turns out it was a lemon and the mechanic was too drunk to notice. Moral of the story--never hire your cousin Rico just 'cause Auntie Rosita says so and gives you cake. Especially if she swears on the Virgin Mary. Santa Maria, you'd better run."


"Alma. Too poetical. Artistically shifty. Constitution of a wilting flower. And reticent about maintaining coords, nav. control, and fuel line integrity which leads ta pesky fires an' such. Moral of the story: never buy a vessel from cousin Eli no matter how many times Auntie Camille says he's off the sauce."


"Montenegro. Damn fine ship until someone set a large explosive charge on the fuel tank while it was dry docked, on Whitefall. Nasty rumor says it was the mornin' after it was lost in a high stakes poker game to an ex-Alliance officer. ... Nope, this one has no moral. Certainly not one involving Aunt Connie, who taught all the younger cousins the finer points of demo when she couldn't afford Christmas gifts in 2049. Even the pagans in the bunch got somethin' useful outta that Yule. Anyhow, three ships down. The Monte was about a year ago. Figure I'm 33, survived three ships. Time for a new one. Maybe this time it'll stick."

Spitfire (La Cabrona)

The Spitfire was 'gift' from a cousin who inherited it from his late father, Morrie's Uncle, Eduardo Luz. Tio 'Duardo Luz died, and he left the ship to his son, Rico. Cousin Rico felt compelled to gift it to his cousin Morena. Compelled, that is, by a particularly sharp knife snuggled up to tender parts of his anatomy, and, of course, his mama, Rosita, who also felt Rico owed his cousin a debt of honor.

"Loners is easy targets. Followers ain't got nothin' better to do. Only place there is is in the lead. That way you see what's comin', and if you need, you got plenty of people around ya to take a few rounds. Back up is great, especially when it's on the payroll."

Morrie waved a few former crew from her days as Captain on the other boats, and offered invitation for them to join her on Persephone for an undisclosed reason. To date, she has only had reply from Ramon Zapata and Marcos, aka 'Hook'. The two men joined their former Captain for drinks, and a deal was struck. Ship newly acquired, they joined up and the hunt for more began.

A chance meeting with Richard, in a bar on Persephone, led to the recruitment of a large number of his former crew, and into the belly of the beast they went, half filling the Decommissioned APC's crew quarters in a very short time.

A Day In the Life Of (Logs):

Contacts & Significant Folk:

Blood & Familia

  • Mama Luz (NPC) - Deceased. Maria Luz, Morrie's mother. Maria was killed flying for the Independents in the War.
  • Papa Luz (NPC) - Alejandro Luz. Morrie's father is a smuggler, though she refers to him as a 'cargo man'.
  • Eli Luz (NPC)- Cousin. Ringleader of a ship chop shop. Huge criminal. Shifty. Sold Morrie her second ship, Alma. It was a lemon. She sent him a pipe bomb in the mail which only took out the family dog.
  • Auntie Camille (NPC) - The religious auntie who prays to the Virgin Mary a todo. Her house is so full of candles the family could lay siege to any stronghold with the fire generated only by those candles. She gifts milagros to la familia every year for every holiday.
  • Auntie Rosita (NPC) - Mother of Rico, widow of Eduardo. Dangerous, domineering woman. She also makes the best red velvet cake on Ezra. No lie.
  • Eduardo Luz (NPC) - Deceased. Uncle Luz was a mechanic and pilot aboard the Spitfire during the War. After its decommissioning, the vessel was left to him by the former captain. Eduardo left if to his son, Rico.
  • Cousin Rico Luz (NPC)- Mechanic & Criminal. Rico is responsible for the destruction of La Llorona, Morrie's first vessel. He 'gifted' the Spitfire to her after the death of his father, Eduardo.
  • Auntie Constance (NPC) - Mercenary for hire, demolitions expert. She taught all of the cousins the finer points of demo in 2049 in lieu of gifts. There has not been a more questionable decision made by a member of la familia since.
  • Ramon Zapata - Morrie met Ramon years ago in a bar, when he was without post, and she without a ship. They hit it off very well, and Ramon joined Morrie's crew when she acquired the Montenegro. Though they were once close, a series of business happenings and small misunderstandings led to a distancing. He is, however, considered family. Ramon is currently the First Mate of La Paz.
  • Marco 'Hook' - It was Marcos' adept fighting style (HOOK!) that first impressed Morrie. She hired the short, smelly little man onto her boat with barely an interview process. He served aboard the Montenegro, and now serves aboard the Spitfire under her command. Like a hairy reminder of home, Marco was at the top of Morrie's call list to crew the Spitfire, and he now serves as the Master at Arms/Second Mate of La Paz.

Acquaintances & Allies

  • Samantha - She served as Head Healer aboard Spitfire, and saved Morrie's life, defending her more than once. Over the course of many weeks, a friendship was struck. When La Paz was crewed, it was but a few short weeks before Morrie contacted Samantha, and asked her aboard for a job. Shortly thereafter, it turned into a job offer. Samantha is currently serving as Head Healer aboard La Paz.
  • Richard Graves - Though she'd heard his name a few times in passing, Morrie didn't meet him until she ran afoul of him in a bar on Persephone. A deal was struck, and he and his former crew came aboard as her crew. Richard served as the second in command (XO) of the Spitfire for the weeks they were allied. He has since slipped off the grid of La Paz's radar, destination: unknown.