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Full name Mizuki Asami Nishimura
Date of Birth April 16, 2496
Parents Hachiro Nishimura (Father), Asami Nishimura (Mother)
Siblings Akemi Nishimura (sister), Jun’ichi Nishimura (brother), Chiyoko Nishimura (sister)
Spouse Unwed
Children none
Assignment none
Specialization Guns, Fighting, Computers, Demolitions
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black/Brown hair, Brown eyes
Height and Weight 5’5”, 100lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

- Standard Core Education before leaving to the academy.
- 3 years at the Companion Academy, Sihnon.

Military Service


Employment History

Random security jobs, nothing of note, last employed on Persephone.


Third born to a wealthy family on Sihnon, her father the head of the Nishimura Silk Empire, her childhood was one of luxury. Her parents like many holding to the old ‘earth that was’ traditions of family and home did well to see her educated in the finer arts of dancing, calligraphy and serving tea. While her own interests were in those of computers, ships and in martial arts she was humored for a time by her father who referred to her interests as a passing phase. Just shy of her twelfth birthday her father informed his daughter that she would be attending the companion academy, where she would later become a Lady of the Guild and one of great standing. To be accepted by the guild was an honor to the old well to do family but the young Mizuki did not see it as such. As a good daughter she prepared to enter her new life as companion in training but soon found the world stifling her and she lashed out.

By the tender age of 15, three years into her training she finally had enough of the teachings and conformity expected of the young novices. Using the very talents she had learned within the academy as well as those her father had humored her through childhood, she left the academy in search of her own path. Unknown to her, the academy did more then keep the girls sheltered and trained; the height of the war battled around the verse and the last place for a lone 15 yr old girl to be. The next three years she spent running from one peck of trouble to another, always just managing to sneak by. Through her travels she picked up a number of skills and found others by way of keeping herself alive. Constantly moving, ever searching for a place in this crazy verse and of course avoiding the numerous people her father sent in search of her.


Mostly introspective, She will often remain silent, appearing cool and calm in heated situations. Her traditional Japanese upbringing often shows through her quiet and reserved demeanor though she has been known to show a flash of temper in some situations. Given her status of constantly being on the move she is often slow to let people get close to her, placing a distance between herself and those who would call her friend.


To say the woman is of slight stature and build is an understatement of vast proportions. Standing no more then five feet, five inches and hardly tipping the scales at a hundred pounds her lithe appearance giving her a helpless look that is far from the truth. Looking no more then her early twenties there is an overall youthful demeanor to the woman. Deep ebon hair cascades down her back, the length of which has been accented with deep auburns and lighter browns the tips of which end mid-back. Her soft complexion that of any Japanese woman with a mix of pale pearl with hints of olive undertones. Large almond shaped eyes, the color of roasted chestnut stand out above all other features. Thick, long lash frame the striking orbs, shadowing slightly and creating a mirrored effect. Neatly kept brow, a slender build and full pouting lips complete the willowy sylphlike look.

A dark black silk top forms to her upper body, the fashion reminiscent of the earth that was kimono. The deep rich color is decorated with dark purple cherry blossoms, the design almost missed as the colors are so close. About her waist a deep maroon obi-like sash, in which she tucks a black leather case holding her PDA. Dark black pants, slim cut to her slender legs are held up by a black belt hidden under the overly long top. A holster of deep black leather peeks out from below the right side of her silk top. Dark leather boots with a stiletto heel show from under the hemmed length of her pants, the boots polished to a shine are all but hidden, only a pointed toe and heel visible.

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