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Mistrala Rosson
Character Picture Here
Full name Mistrala Rosson (I don't know her middle name yet!)
Date of Birth She's in her mid-30s. As for her exact date, every woman needs an air of mystery...
Parents Sometimes she wanders away to visit them...
Assignment XO of Pathfinders Org and Tranquility ship
Gender Female


This woman, in her upper twenties to late thirties, looks back upon you beneath the brim of her fedora. It covers her eyes a lot of the time, though certainly not always. Blue eyes peek out from the shadows and black curls poke out from the edge of the hat. She stands at average height and weight for a Caucasian woman and constantly maintains a sense of motion and activity, whether tapping her fingers or her toes.

The blue long-sleeved shirt, in a rough and serviceable fabric complements the dirty brown boots on her feet. Together they imply she's a traveler, someone who roams around the galaxy. She's often seen with black leather pants, though whether they're tight and suitable for a dance hall or worn and ragged from the road depends on when you see her. She carries a pistol in a holster on her right hip, and her belt and pockets look stashed to heaping with odd things and stuff.


Meet her on grid! Ok, more specifically, she's a bit of a nut with weird archaic phrases and odd interests that show up from time to time. She's always got her nose in a book, print or digital, and likes to leave people entirely suspect and puzzled with her intentions and motives. She's pretty open about who she is and what she does. It's very possible that the majority of her background is actually one huge lie.


Autumn 2529: Mistrala steps onto the grid from a long stint in the metaphorical wilderness. She still, even a year later, hasn't let most people know what she was doing in that time. She was penniless and broke and seems inclined to just let the topic slide.

Autumn 2529: Shortly after she heads to Persephone she gets slightly tempted to meet with the Pirate_Commonwealth, until she hears rumors of their depravity, cruelty and demented actions. She meets up with the captain Remington and his ship the Pathfinder with a doctor named Keelie who hasn't been seen since. (No foul play was involved, she just... vanished.) It seems like a good place at the time, friendly and welcoming.

Autumn 2529: Mistrala meets a swarm of people and inexplicably finds herself staring down the head of Alliance Security, Cal. When she hears who she was, her reaction is priceless and well remembered.

Late 2529: The Pirates assault the prison moon APC-088. A handful of other ships join the battle. Mistrala doesn't get immediately involved, too busy with business, wheeling and dealing, but it's enormous and a fascinating situation to monitor.

Early 2530: Somewhere around this time Mistrala becomes the head of Acquisitions on the Pathfinder, a position which seems to be fairly unique in the 'verse. Sometime or another, before the ship upgrade, Rickart replaces Remington as the captain. He offers her an Operations position, and she takes it. Moving up the ranks, Mistrala is! It's weird and fun.

Early 2530: The Firefly-class Pathfinder is replaced by the Shark-class Tranquility. A much larger ship, the Tranquility signals a new day for the Pathfinders organization. Rickart begins to hire a large amount of crew, and tensions, not all of them amiable, rise. Cheerfully, the occasional philosophical chat with Dash and the friendship she develops with Silve mitigate the conflicts that arise.

Early 2530: The Phoenix Brotherhood, led by Nicoli, attempts to kill a group of slavers and rescue people taken as slaves involving a few names she might have recognized. On a monastery in Jiangyin, a place she finds interesting and congenial, she meets a wide amount of people she'd never met before then. The plan seems to be all good and okay until rumors surged about unsavory actions on the Brotherhood's part. The whole thing came crashing down (and a wide range of Alliance people came on board the Tranquility, to Mistrala's astonishment) when the Alliance executed Nicoli for his wrongful deeds.

Early 2530: Lots of Alliance people visit on board the Tranquility, among them Rhonwen_O'Neil (who might be more freelance Alliance, but it's still an odd feeling), Malchior and Takeshi_Odori. She's fascinated with Takeshi from the start, he's a nut.

Early 2530 (she thinks): Mist helps a three-pronged takedown of the Red Sierra gunrunners led by Takeshi. It became pretty wild and chaotic, and she had to leave just before a giant robot came to life.

Early 2530: Mistrala becomes the XO of the Tranquility, with Rickart the captain and Namydim as Second Officer. Go figure that very night a fight would break out in the Commons over a misconstrued comment by a new crew member. She hasn't seen him since.

Mid 2530: Hurricane Fanty demolishes Paquin, Mistrala's favorite planet in the 'verse. It gives her a flashback to the destruction the Pirates caused on its surface before she rejoined the 'verse. It's soon rebuilt, and it appears a strange happenstance in the galaxy, but it's still incredibly odd and leaves her conflicted for several weeks.

Mid 2530: Stuff is happenin' around the Tranquility. People join, people leave, and rumors are brewing about events.

Early 2532: Mistrala finally surfaces from a ton of work she's been headfirst in. It's been quiet but that always means something could be lurking out yonder.


"She was WHAT? I met WHO?" - Upon learning that she met Calira Dumont, head of the ACS.

"I think your saving our ass more than once - more than once? You've GOT to tell me about the other one - makes you more than qualified to pick our destination. And quite sensibly, too." To Feria, learning of another one of Rickart's narcolepsy episodes (OOCly, internet outage, but it's great fun to play around it)