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Full name Miscion Adamal
Date of Birth March 1, 2497
Parents David and Adelle Adamal.
Assignment Pilot, Tienlong
Specialization Con Manery
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green, Black.
Height and Weight 6'1", 174bs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No Formal Education.
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History


Miscion Adamal is outgoing, friendly, and everyone likes him. Or he’s loud, insensitive, and doesn’t have the ability to keep his mouth shut. One of the two. Born on Beylix, Miscion is the son of a pair of junk dealers, heir to a lifetime of shifting through garbage. What little time he spent in school, he spent twice as much digging through scraps, running his parents shop, or making mischief around the town.

Miscion’s real education was on the street. His parent’s didn’t terribly mind that he would come home, full enough that they wouldn’t have to waste any more of their food, and with enough money to allow them to ignore him appropriately. Miscion, in fact, was a good thief.

He was a good enough thief that, as he grew older, he became the favorite runner of the gang that ran the area. More nimble and charismatic than most, he performed a good deal of negotiation, scouting, and driving for his little group, among other more menial tasks. Miscion, sadly, was a good thief. And he decided he wasn’t getting paid enough.

So, he took more than his share. A lot more. And he hopped the nearest transport off home. And on the way he apprenticed himself to several pilots, working on ships for a time before parking himself on Persephone. That would be followed by a stint on the Red Duece, and then a longer position on the Tienlong. His dismissal from the ship has left him to make his own way in the 'verse once again, though he doesn't seem to be intent of forging ahead anytime soon.


- Miscion is pretty much the best person on this planet.

- Oranges, oranges, oranges oranges oranges oranges