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Population ~5200+ (Reavers)
Terraformed 2433
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Not Open
Public Shuttle No
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Rim
Orbit First from Burnham
Coordinates -3810, 4220, -39
Market Information
Commodities Market No

Nothing is known about this world and there is no trace of it in the Cortex. It is rumored to be a Blackrock, which is a planet where a terraforming event killed the settlers and caused the planet to become forever uninhabitable. If the planet did not lie in the heart of Reaver territory, there may be those curious enough to pay a visit, or perhaps look for salvage. (This planet has restricted landing / is not open for play. See the movie.)

Canon References

  • the location and history of Miranda was a major plot point in "Serenity: The Movie"